The miracle of selling creative work

I recently got an entirely new viewpoint on how necessary and vital it is for artisans to acknowledge themselves when one of their pieces is purchased.

Their creation of the piece may be a triumph of will over the barriers of time, lack of money, and fear of the unknown, but there is the absolute miracle that a customer has so duplicated the message in the work that they have purchased it with money that would otherwise have been spent on food or other necessary aspects of survival.

For the vast majority of people, there is never enough money to go around, but they will find money for art or craft work that speaks to them.

So we have this miraculous transactions where an artist creates a work by pushing through all sorts of barriers and it gets purchased by a customer who overcomes a different set of barriers to buy the piece because it means so much to them. Each transaction like this validates the idea that people don’t buy art for the purposes of surviving. They buy art in order to live!

This concept alone could encourage someone to move out of their comfort zone and become an artist. It also recognizes the creating and selling of art as the spiritual activity is actually is.

Support your local artists.  You won’t regret it.

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