It’s Showtime!

The Jacksonville Center in Floyd is putting on the biggest exhibition of the year, and it starts tomorrow. The campus has been filled with visitors and students all week.

For the past three days, people have been trotting by my office carrying artwork and tools and muttering under their voices about the problems of fitting more than 85 pieces of art into a gallery that can hold 65 works if they are small. They have finally solved the problem by letting the exhibit spill out into the upstairs hallway and cascade down the stairs.

I started on the exhibit program this morning and managed to finish it off by late this evening. If I can design a poster tomorrow and get it distributed this weekend, we will probably be in good shape.

The press releases went out some time ago and my article showed up in today’s paper, so we have alerted the good folks of Floyd County that their friends and neighbors are exhibiting here.

In a county where there are hundreds of artisans and artists, this exhibition is a great place to get together and compare notes.

Gretchen and I have each entered works. Blogger Doug Thompson and his wife Amy have also entered some great photos. One family has three artists and they all entered something.

Tomorrow I will have time to capture some of this with the camera. Tonight I am thankful that the day is over.

For more discussion of the implications of the Floyd Artists – New Work exhibition go to, the weblog for the Jacksonville Center.

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