There is always a price for striking out in a new direction

One of the first things you learn about doing something new is that there are some people who will disapprove of the way you are doing it. These are "yesterday’s experts" who are threatened by the changes that you represent.

My good friend Fred First, bemoans the fact that a literary magazine and a book fair have recently turned him down because his excellent book was not produced by a "reputable publisher".

It makes me want to whack him up the side of his head because he still doesn’t get the fact that his work is valuable because of what he has written, not because of his publisher.

He seems to think that a "reputable" publisher’s name on a book is an imprimatur that means something to prospective book buyers. It only matters to literary critics and they don’t buy books!

Publishing houses do not set standards. They are desperately trying to defend their existing markets from incursions by self-published upstarts.

If you have a book that is eminently worth reading, like Fred’s book, "Slow Road Home"
you don’t fret about certain distribution channels claiming that only
"reputable" publishers need apply, you just get out and promote your
book at every opportunity.

Books are sold mainly by word of mouth and it takes a while for even
the most popular book to take off and become a best seller. Fred’s book
is highly recommended
by many who read it and I have seen an increasing number of local
people buying copies for friends who want to know what life is like
around here. I think it is just a matter of time until his book sales
make him one of Floyd’s more successful authors. His success will come
from his efforts, and will be well-deserved.

If you want approval, don’t do new things. Just keep doing safe
things and conforming to established standards. You will continue to
remain invisible and will be wondering why non-conformists are moving
past you and seem to be having such successful lives.

New ideas and new directions always have the potential for
unexpected failure, but overcoming failure and moving past it is what
life is all about. That’s where the most interesting stories come from.
So, expand your horizons. Try striking off in a new direction.

It might give your life new meaning.

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