Impending Blog Explosion

With my new job responsibilities and the greater number of people I interact with every day, I find that my story sources have multiplied beyond the capacity of a single weblog to present them in a meaningful way.

As a result, I will be spinning off some of these topics as weblogs of their own with feeds showing up on this weblog.

One of the topics will be Floyd County Live, another will be Floyd County Artists and there will be more to come. These images may give you a taste of what might appear on the Floyd County Live weblog.


The Country Store was jumping as you can see from the top photo above, meanwhile outside in the alley other musicians are jamming for enthralled visitors.

Earlier I had spotted the latest development of the "Crossways ATV on a Pickup" that I first documented in my Nov 2005 article, Cool Hunting in C’ville. If you check my earlier photo, you will see that the mounting technology has progressed mightily.

It still boggles the mind how one gets the ATV off the pickup without finding a high bank, but the presence of loading ramps shows that is is being done somehow.Cooltrendcontinues

A night out in Floyd would not be complete without a trip to Oddfellas for fine food and entertainment. We gave some out of town visitors the full treatment. They got to hear Kat Mills singing classic folk songs with her wonderfully expressive contralto voice and they had a chat with Rob Neukirch. Singsfortips

Yes, you can get up close and personal with the celebrities and entertainers in Floyd. It is one of the great charms of a small town with lots of talented people.Oddfellas

We finished off the evening at the Cafe Del Sol where local musicians took turns jamming for our pleasure and theirs.


You are welcome to join us while the sun is shining and the roads are open, because there will be many months when you can’t get up the mountain to visit Floyd. So come now, enjoy our restaraunts and our entertainment and be sure to take home some of the incredible work produced by Floyd artists. It doesn’t matter if it won’t fit in your car, most of them will ship your purchases home for you so you can continue your vacation unencumbered.

Not everyone can live in Floyd or wants to, but you owe it to yourself to take home something to remember us by. That way our artisans and musicians are very likely to remember you fondly too.

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