Why buy locally, when you can get things cheaper from overseas?

really simple. When you buy directly from an artisan or from a farmer,
there is a sense of connection that matters. If the artisan and farmer
have pride in their work, you take part in a transaction that validates
the quality of the goods you have purchased and you have obtained
something you are proud to take home.

You are not just buying a cup, a jug, or a head of lettuce. You are
buying the careful effort that went into producing what you just
bought. Afterward, you will find yourself telling others about your
purchase and sharing your joy at finding something that was just right
for you.

You have made a connection between yourself and another human being with a meaningful transaction.

You get something you need and the other person gets income and is
encouraged to produce more things for you to appreciate and buy.

The downside of buying locally, when it occurs, is that you may buy
something from someone who has no pride in their work or in the service
they provide. You can find this in fast food franchises, but you can
also find this in small town merchants and businesspeople who have long
since stopped viewing customers as new friends.

When you only get inferior goods or services locally, it is quite
easy to turn to the Internet and get excellent products at highly
competitive prices. The downside to Internet shopping is that you don’t
always get the personal touch and great service you want.

On the other hand, there are lots of great small merchants who have
coupled their jelly-making, or craft work to the Internet and they do
very well when they bring the same downhome touch to their online
business as they do to their local customers.

So, what is the bottom line here? If you are an artisan or a small
business owner and view every transaction as a chance to touch someones
life in a meaningful manner, you will have a growing number of people
who want to tell others about the extraordinary effect you have had on
their lives.

I don’t care what you are selling, when you can create rewarding
transactions in a natural and relaxed way, you will never lack for
business. The easiest way to ensure you stay on track is to provide
great products or services that people need and want.

Figuring out how to do that is what marketing is all about. I will probably write about that in another post.

Stay tuned. 🙂

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