Floyd Art Center design challenge

The Jacksonville Center for the Arts in Floyd is holding a sign design contest which is open to all comers.

Jax_sign_contest2The Jacksonville Center for the Arts wants to harness the creative talents of the Floyd community and the Internet community to design a sign that satisfies a rather challenging requirement.

The object of this contest is to come up with a imaginative sign design that communicates an informative message about the Jacksonville Center of Floyd in less than 2 seconds. The 2 second limit springs from the fact that traffic on Rte 8 in Floyd travels at high speed and drivers have very little time to notice that they are passing a unique regional art center

The sign shown above is an example of where we are starting from.
It is a nice clean design, but you need time to read it and the planned
sign location does not provide that option. The winning sign may be
totally different, as long as it meets the requirement shown above.

There will be prizes awarded for the winning submission and for the
three runner-up submissions. The winner has a choice of any course
offered at the Jacksonville Center this summer, up to and including the
five day courses which are a $375 value.

The runner-ups will have their choice of any two day course offered at the Center, a value of up to $150.

Date for final submission is June 30. Prizes will be awarded July 2
at the Jacksonville Center during a 4:00pm reception for the artists.

Go to Jacksonville Center Online for contest rules and the sign templates that must be used for all entries. 

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