Warning – Royal Camera has reinvented itself

Now that Royal Camera of 342 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223 is getting pounded for their bait and switch tactics and grey market cameras, they have reinvented themselves!

They now run ads as CCI Camera City of 342 Kings Highway, Brooklyn, NY 11223. Click on the image below and read the sign in the window!

Consumers have already caught on to the new name and you will find the same dreary scams listed for CCI Camera and CCI Camera City as you will for Royal Camera.


They run ads for cameras at unbelievable prices. After they have charged your credit card, someone will call and try to sell you batteries and lenses for your camera. They will even try to sell you accessories that come standard with the camera! These accessories have extremely high price tags and the final price will be higher than in your local camera store.

Before you order from them, Google "CCI Camera scams", "Royal Camera scams". You will see hundreds of complaints if you look long enough.

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There are plenty of good camera companies out there. Just make sure you Google their name in conjunction with words like problem, scam, and rip-off.

UPDATE: If you Google "Best Price Camera scam" you will find information on another Brooklyn camera shop much like Royal Camera.

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