Antique Ford Truck – eye candy for a Spring day


I saw this immaculate supercharged pickup truck today in the parking lot at the Harvest Moon foodstore in Floyd, VA. I hesitate to call it a restoration because I’m not sure how much of the original metal, if any, still remains.

It seems to have been a very early Ford pickup and has found a new life as a toy for an older, and well-heeled, sports enthusiast.

The body shell and the doors may be original, but everything else seems to have been fabricated of new material to very high standards. The seats are cream-colored leather and the interior is spotless.

This truck is a real showpiece, but it is used for runs to downtown Floyd and is attracting lots of attention. At least four people came up while I was shooting these pictures, including one fellow who said, "It’s a shame they didn’t leave the flathead engine in it!"

I wanted to bring you some history of this vehicle, but I traipsed through the Harvest Moon foodstore and the coffee shop Over The Moon asking for the owner of the Yellow Ford Truck in the parking lot with no results.

I talked with several well-groomed sportsmen who looked very much like show car owners, but no one was willing to admit to owning this treasure.


If anyone knows the provenance of this beauty, please send me an email.

It has a Lucky Lady insignia in the rear window and Moon insignia on both sides of the cab.
It also has a radiator ornament that seems vaguely familiar.

You can click on these images to get a full-sized image.

Here is a view from the front.Eyecandy8958_1


It’s a big help having knowledgeable friends!

Iowahawk says, "…that appears to be a ’33 or ’34 Ford, chopped about 3" and channeled about 7", frame has likely been Z’d . That’s a stock ’33-’34 grill, but he’s running an old Model T radiator cap on it. 

Engine is a small block Ford, probably 302 or 351, looks like a B&M supercharger setup. The pickup bed looks like a shortened Model A. Wheels are either Cragar or Centerline."

"I’ll get it in the
Earth Day gallery along with a link."

If you would like to see more exotic cars take a look at the Flickr slideshow on the First Annual Iowahawk Earth Week Virtual Cruise Night.

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