More on Chernobyl from Elena Filatova – Kid of Speed

Elena Filatova, also known as Kid of Speed, wants to make sure that Chernobyl is not forgotten.

In an interview with Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s biggest morning paper she was asked, "Why do you devote so much of your life to this catastrophe?"

"Some day those towns and villages will be demolished and I don’t want their memory to disappear. I want to leave a record in images, videos and short stories of how I saw Chernobyl. I am sure, in the future people will appreciate my efforts."

Towns and villages in the radioactive area are already being demolished and photos like Elena’s may soon be the only witness to what existed in 1986. Her Chernobyl Journal has a running account of her efforts to keep the memory of Chernobyl alive.

Elena captured the imaginations of millions of people with her startling photos of the region around Chernobyl in 2004. She later came under attack for claiming that she had ridden a motorcycle through the so-called Dead Zone.

You can judge for yourselves by watching this video  of the Chernobyl region in the vicinity of Polesskoye taken by a pillion passenger on her motorbike. It will give you a flavor of the experience waiting for you on her new website.

She has updated her websites with new high resolution photos and many streaming videos. They are every bit as dramatic as the original Ghost Town photos which I featured in earlier posts.  The site bears this notice:

All Chernobyl relative texts, photos and videos may be freely downloaded, copied, translated and distributed for any appropriate use.

For a comprehensive look at what Elena has assembled, go to her quick navigation page. There is enough material there for hours of fascinated browsing. I plan on ordering her CD and DVD as soon as my PayPal account fills up again.

Many thanks to greyfox for the original link.


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