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Trackbacks are another way of inviting readers to visit your site.

Used properly, your trackback appears at the end of an article on someone else’s weblog and invites the reader to come to your site where they will see your positive or negative viewpoints about the original article.

Done properly, a trackback will attract visitors who will come back and read more of your writing.

Sometimes you will use a trackback and link it to a post unrelated to the original post. Consider what effect that has on the visitor who has followed the link to your site. It will feel like bait and switch because he is expecting more of the same topic and you have switched him to a post about your cat.

You may have the cutest cat in the world, but if he came to your site in search of more about Sharyn McCrumb, your cat just won’t cut it.

Make sure you use trackbacks properly. Link to a post you have written that has something to do with the original post.

If you don’t have anything to add to the original post, just leave a comment and make sure it contains the URL of your weblog. That way you can comment on any subject and readers can visit your weblog with no preconceived expectations of what they will find.

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