Live-blogging from the Cafe Del Sol

It’s Friday night, a mixture of snow and rain is falling and the temperature is dropping again. Spring has retreated for a few weeks and only the hardy venture out on to slippery country roads.

I thought it would be a good night to do my first-ever live-blogging session, so I drove on down to hear BrotherWind perform at Sally Walker’s Cafe Del Sol.
The quartet features skillfully crafted harmonies backed up by solid instrumental capabilities. Their stage presence is relaxed and they enjoy themselves when they perform.

I thought I would be the only blogger here, but I was happily surprised to see our newest Floyd blogger Alina had arrived before me. While I was setting up my laptop, Doug Thompson strolled in and it quickly turned into old home week for bloggers.

At this point one of the band members called out, "Blogger Alert!" and the house erupted in laughter.

Its 8:30 and Kari Thomas Kovick is performing "the Aura Song" to enthusiastic applause and much laughter. It’s a New Age way to end a relationship. What a wonderful voice!

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