What’s in a name…


I am sure there is a logical reason this picturesque old country store was left to decay, but Poor Farm Rd would not be my address of choice for a commercial venture.

The customers are long gone and the building is beyond renovation, but it provides a constant source of inspiration to those who muse about the ebb and flow of country businesses.

Cows graze contentedly on the lush grass, pausing occasionally to look at the daily cavalcade of vans carrying realtors and buyers in search of the perfect spot to erect a country mansion.

This country store may be history, but hordes of new settlers arrive every month, completely undaunted by the prospect of living near Poor Farm Road.

In a way, this street name typifies the spirit of Floyd. In some communities where growth is occurring, this road would have been renamed Windy Hill Way, or Vista Rd to give the neighborhood a better image for real estate ads.

I hope this building stands for a few more years. Like the old barns that dot the local countryside. it is a reminder of our rapidly receding past. Graceful, even in ruins, it is part of our local legacy.

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  1. Leslie says:

    The name of the road evokes so much of the history. That’s an unusual store building for our area; Floyd County architecture is worth studying.

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