Give me another week like this one…

It’s Friday night at Oddfellas Cantina and we are listing to smooth jazz from the Floyd Montgomery Jazz Project. Gary Everett on saxophone, John Winnicki on guitar and Bob Thomas on bass have just finished playing a tasteful rendition of Bye, Bye, Blackbird.

I caught them in a light moment that captures the relaxed way they handle themselves onstage and off.

One of the joys of listening to music at Oddfellas is that you are up close and personal with the performers. You not only get to watch superlative performances, you get to experience the musicians as people. There is usually a lot of interaction between the performers and their friends in the audience.

This was one of the things that drew us in when we first visited Floyd two years ago. We immediately felt like part of the family, rather than flatland tourists. Rob Neukirch, the genial owner of Oddfellas, has created an environment where strangers quickly feel welcome.

Tonight, we are celebrating the advent of warm weather and the successful end to a week of hard work. We are dining well at Oddfellas while John Winnicki and his friends entertain. Gretchen had an excellent Ribeye Steak and I had the special Crabcakes which are almost beyond description.

Tomorrow we will buckle down and look at some new projects we are considering. Tonight, it is enough to be in good company, eating well and listening to jazz. Life is good.

I hope that you have a pleasant weekend to look forward to and good friends to share it with. If you are down this way, make it a point to stop in Oddfellas. You won’t regret it. They have a Sunday brunch that is just the ticket when you want something light while you are touring the countryside.

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