Blogger’s night at Oddfellas Cantina

What better way to prepare for the arrival of a late winter storm than to join friends for dinner and a show at Oddfellas Cantina?

We were privileged to see and hear our host Rob Neukirch sing and play
the guitar, with Bernie Coveney on lead guitar, Chris Luster on base,
and Mike Mitchell on violin.  They played some old time favorites and
several tunes written by Bernie Coveney.

Storm warnings had been the topic of discussion for several days and the local grocery store shelves had been emptied of the usual staples. I spent the day splitting and hauling firewood and securing the house and workshop for the storm.

Once everything was ready, we joined fellow blogger Doug Thompson and his wife Amy at Oddfellas Cantina. Blogger Fred First and Ann were there with Rigel Morgan, another newcomer to Floyd County.

The food was first-rate, as always and we had a great night of conversation and music. Here Mike Mitchell and Bernie Coveney are teaming up  to play some songs Bernie wrote quite recently.


I also had the privilege to see Doug Thompson do some video work. He was shooting some footage for an upcoming documentary
he is working on.

Watching a professional close-up is a wonderful way to get an education
in a hurry. I love working with a digital camera, but I would never
consider myself more than barely competent as a photographer, so when
Doug is shooting I try to take note of what he is doing and how he
frames his shots. It has definitely improved my ability to get the
effects I want in my photos.

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