SmartMove – was my experience an exception?

I had a highly satisfactory experience with SmartMove and I have written about it on this weblog several times, but I am receiving email that would indicate that other people are receiving totally different levels of customer service.

I have written to the people who were responsible for my great experience to ask them what is going on. My contacts were:

Rick Ontiveros, sales, <>,
Sherrie Arvin, customer support, <>,
and Steve Fay, Marketing, <>.

The reason I am following this up is that the mixed messages from SmartMove are extremely damaging to their brand image and should be corrected at once. I hope to have a response in the next few days. The speed and content of the response I get will tell me a lot about the future prospects of SmartMove.

One of the biggest disappointments for me is watching a company destroy its initial competitive advantage by poor execution and indifferent customer service. Creating a viable business model is difficult enough. Watching a company destroy an excellent working model through poor management is painful.

I hope that the SmartMove team has the will and the ability to sort things out quickly before negative customer experiences stall their momentum. Credibility is a fragile thing. Once you lose it, prospective customers will seek out other suppliers.

The same is true of bloggers… 🙂

If I recommend some company or individual and my readers cannot get the same service, I want to know why and will publicize what is happening so others will know exactly what is going on.

Company cultures have a finite life cycle, unfortunately, so it is important to have the latest data on what a company IS DOING NOW in order to make valid buying decisions. Past reputation may be a poor guide to what you can expect from a company today.

If other reader have used SmartMove, I would be interested in hearing of your experiences and learning who your particular contacts were. Let’s see if we can make sense of these differing results. Is it a company problem, or an individual problem?

Stay tuned for the next update on SmartMove.

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  1. Steve Fay says:

    Thanks for pointing out our lack of accommodation for one of your readers. We simply at this time cannot service that area because of our working agreement with Overnite Transportation. I don’t offer that as an excuse but as acknowledgement of our inability to service all geographic locations.

    As our growth continues we have as a goal to blanket the entire country. We are in 40 major metro locations now and when we expand to 90 by the years end or early 2007 we will be close to accomplishing this goal. We will have service to Blacksburg.

    We are young and learning and trying to build a strong customer service reputation. If we drop the ball we can only learn from our mistakes. Thanks for holding our “feet to the fire”, we seriously appreciate it!

    Every great business is built on friendship.
    JC Penney

  2. Tom King says:

    Steve still didn’t answer your question. I know JC Penneys and he isn’t JC Penneys…

  3. Steve Fay says:

    The quote from JC Penny at the end of my post was my way of thanking David for reminding us of the poor customer service you received. Obviously it didn’t work, but I did like your come back.

    My apologies that the customer service rep didn’t appear interested when it was discovered that you were out of our service area. I can pass the knowledge on to the sales staff.

    If I have not answered the question properly let me know.

  4. Tom King says:

    No, Steve, It doesn’t answer my question. Why can’t I have the same excellent service that was afforded Mr. St Lawrence? I’m moving to the same place. I can’t see the difference.

  5. Steve Fay says:

    We stretched the limits of our agreement with Overnite Tranportation with David on his move. So we were out of our service area with his move and Overnite transportation will not let us do it again. That’s why when we pickup more cities we will be able to service more areas.

  6. Tom King says:

    That answers my question, Steve. That’s all I wanted to know. My thanks to David for getting some conversation going. I’ll be calling Rick as my moving plans become definite.

  7. Tom King says:

    I love happy endings. Smartmove has agreed to furnish door to door service for my move to Floyd. The pen IS mightier than the sword.

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