SmartMove – was my experience an exception?

I had a highly satisfactory experience with SmartMove and I have written about it on this weblog several times, but I am receiving email that would indicate that other people are receiving totally different levels of customer service.

I have written to the people who were responsible for my great experience to ask them what is going on. My contacts were:

Rick Ontiveros, sales, <>,
Sherrie Arvin, customer support, <>,
and Steve Fay, Marketing, <>.

The reason I am following this up is that the mixed messages from SmartMove are extremely damaging to their brand image and should be corrected at once. I hope to have a response in the next few days. The speed and content of the response I get will tell me a lot about the future prospects of SmartMove.

One of the biggest disappointments for me is watching a company destroy its initial competitive advantage by poor execution and indifferent customer service. Creating a viable business model is difficult enough. Watching a company destroy an excellent working model through poor management is painful.

I hope that the SmartMove team has the will and the ability to sort things out quickly before negative customer experiences stall their momentum. Credibility is a fragile thing. Once you lose it, prospective customers will seek out other suppliers.

The same is true of bloggers… 🙂

If I recommend some company or individual and my readers cannot get the same service, I want to know why and will publicize what is happening so others will know exactly what is going on.

Company cultures have a finite life cycle, unfortunately, so it is important to have the latest data on what a company IS DOING NOW in order to make valid buying decisions. Past reputation may be a poor guide to what you can expect from a company today.

If other reader have used SmartMove, I would be interested in hearing of your experiences and learning who your particular contacts were. Let’s see if we can make sense of these differing results. Is it a company problem, or an individual problem?

Stay tuned for the next update on SmartMove.

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