Living with cats – always something new

We and our cats are now on our own after staying three weeks with Doug and Amy Thompson and their cats. We have a warm spot in our hearts for Doug and Amy because they made what could have been a period of extreme hardship into a wonderful living experience.

Take a look at your own lives and consider what it would be like if two people you didn’t know well came to stay with you and brought their cats as well! For most people, it would be a strain at best. Doug and Amy treated us as family and our cats as family and we all had a great time.

Now that we and our cats are apart from the Thompson’s, I read in Doug’s blog that the four Thompson cats are suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Strangely enough, our cats seem to be doing something similar. After a day of cheerfully exploring their spacious new home, they began yowling and would sit and stare at us as if asking for answers.

New home behavior for our cats is unpredictable at best. Usually Sherman will try to escape. Buffy seems to settle in after a period of exploration. This time, Sherman explored the entire house and ended up hiding under the covers for about 8 hours of blessed unconsciousness.

It is now 4:00 am and Sherman seems to have realized that he is really stuck in a new place with no cat doors! Bummer! There aren’t even other cats to interact with!

He has been howling intermittently for some time, pausing only to dig furiously in his new litter box. He alternates this with leaping up on counters and furniture and venting his displeasure by pushing things off onto the floor.

Now he has joined me for some close-up grumbling. He paces across the back of the couch looking for a solution I cannot provide. When I return to writing, he drops heavily off the back of the couch and wanders off yowling different phrases, none of them complimentary, I’m sure.

Experience has taught me that this will pass and he will return to his normal habits in a few days. In the meantime, he is not helping…

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