Building/moving to a new home – day 108

A vision of the promised land

Yesterday, we paused for a brief moment and looked out of our back
windows at rolling wooded hillsides that fall away to the Little River
in the distance. To our west, we have a view of open forest, lush fields
where cattle graze, and distant mountains. We stood
transfixed by the abundance of natural beauty that filled the world
before us.

We had a promise of this beauty when we first walked in these woods
last Fall, but we now look out from a point twelve feet above our
earlier vantage point. When our back deck is completed, we will have a
180 degree view of this peaceful vista.

The beat goes on…

We are getting closer to the magic moment when we will live here in
our new home. The LG refrigerator, looking like something out of a
Sci-Fi movie, is already stocked with some food for on-site lunches. We
no longer have to make the long run into Floyd for a midday meal.

Bob and Kari, of Windy Hollow Construction, have begun building a
back porch and it should be complete today. Michael Shortt will
excavate holes for front porch and back deck pilings today, which will
open the way for Bob and Kari to finish the front porch. This is our
last barrier to getting a Certificate of Occupancy!

Excavation is required to put the porch and deck foundations below
the frost line. This is the only way to construct a porch and deck that
will not sag when the ground thaws. We are seeing graphic evidence of
the effects of thawing in the trenches that were dug and refilled when
the ground was frozen. Each of these trenches now show deep holes where
the frozen earth collapsed in the few warm days that have occurred.

Our driveway and even the street we live on have post-thaw trench
depressions which are a shock to drive over. It may take several more
passes before the trenches are stably filled.

Meanwhile, our 36 sheets of 4×8 plywood provide relatively clean
pathways through the mud for our contractors. Work goes on and the
house interior remains relatively clean. I will try to capture the
scene in a photo.

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