Feline organizational structures- part 4

In my continuing observation of the interaction of the Thompson and St Lawrence cats, I am struck anew by the similarities with corporate acquisitions.

When a large corporation acquires a small corporation, there are expectations by management that are at odds with the expectations of the individuals involved.

Management expects that everything will work out as planned, while the individuals affected are forced to make an unpleasant set of decisions. Their comfortable working relationships are threatened by individuals who throw their weight around in an effort to establish dominance.

In life, as in business, it is not what you say, but what you do that determines how things come out. (In the picture above, Loki is getting some online education.)

You can’t hide in your cubicle forever

This morning I woke up at 4:00 am when my undercat, Sherman, prodded me repeatedly in the ribs. He had decided that it was time to go out and explore the Thompson household. He had observed that the Thompson cats slept at night and he was determined to learn more about the strange place we were in.

Gretchen and I understand that our time here is short, as there is a limit to which we can impose ourselves on Doug and Amy. Our cats, like employees, are not privy to management plans and see this visit as a permanent move that they are must eventually live with.

Each day Sherman and Buffy get more restless with the room they occupy and venture further out into the household. They stare back as Dr Jekyll growls at them and they sniff curiously at Loki as he bumbles into them. They are emboldened when the challenges they encounter result in no damage.

What they don’t know is that the large Thompson cats are declawed. All they see is that the Thompson cats growl ferociously at them, but eventually leave them alone.

I do not know how long it will take our cats to realize that sound and size are not the only determining factors here at Chateau Thompson. In the meantime, they are acting cautiously and waiting to see where this all leads.

We hope to move them into their new home as quickly as possible. Major events are happening today which are crucial to making their new home ready to occupy. These events will be blogged later.

Character played and personal profile

Sherman has moved from relative invisibility here at the Thompson household to the leading member of the visiting St Lawrence feline team. He pushes the envelope daily by exploring more of the Thompson house and even uses the Executive Restroom provided for the Thompson cats. He uses this futuristic, highly automated facility as casually as if he had one at home.

Sherman is a Wild Card in this situation. Normally fearful and retiring, he has assumed an entirely different persona and ventures forth like a secret agent, non-violent but determined to explore his options. He is still gathering data, but it is evident that he is up to something. I have seen him do this before, usually before making a break for it in an effort to escape a situation he is not pleased with.

The cat named Trouble manages to live a hermit’s life in the busy Thompson household. He comes out at rare intervals from his hiding place in the remote parts of the house and flees as soon as he sees an unfamiliar face. Rescued from a life on the streets, he is happy to live a life of quiet solitude. He does not seem to interact with the other cats in the household. His position on the organizational structure is Elsewhere! 

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