Sunday Morning with Marla Olmstead

I was browsing through my Blogroll this morning and I discovered some more paintings by Marla Olmstead.

Sick Teeth Sickteeth_1

The power of aesthetics is amazing. It is like a carrier wave on which one can put almost any message. This painting is titled "Sick Teeth" and that is the emotional impact I get from looking at it.

Contrast the emotional response from "Sick Teeth", shown above, to "Candyland", shown below. The first painting feels painful, the second feels almost sugary.

Another view into the mind of a gifted five-year-old painter….

Take time to visit Marla’s website again as it is continually being updated. I get an emotional lift whenever I browse through her photo gallery. continues to do an amazingly tasteful presentation of Marla’s life and her works. A PR website by this talented group could be an asset of exceptional value.


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  1. kiolie says:

    Unlike Marla, Adora Svitak, the writing prodigy (more than 355,000 words of stories,poet and essay in one year and half), she writes live on the show and everywhere she goes to present her writing, incredible talent, already sold international rights for her book Flying Finges, website

  2. He, who holds fast to the beautiful and sublime will enevitably attain the finest.

    To pursue the youth of eternity enables one to obtain the freedom in mind and body of a child.
    Ability to execute art with such liberty is a rare virtue.

  3. An artist says:

    ‘Ability to execute art with such liberty is a rare virtue.’

    This comment seems a little pretentious and I think jumps the gun…

    Its only a virtue if you’ve liberated yourself after living a lifetime of experiences that define and (sadly) set limits…experiences that instill fear, respect, rejection, complacency and obedience (to name a few). I think its great that this child is painting, but you can’t comment on her freedom as an artist and person until she’s confronted with a box; thoughtfully considereding what is ‘acceptable’ and willingly ignoring or re-defining it in order to do whatever she pleases (with a paintbrush).
    Good luck Marla!

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