Cool Hunting update

I have been cool hunted.

I just received this in an email with no accompanying text.



These guys at must keep a close eye on the pulse of the blogosphere, because I got this notice just hours after I posted my earlier article, Cool Hunting in C’ville.

Check out their beautifully designed site for cool things from all over the globe.  I was amused by this Brazilian bicycle bus which takes people on exercise bikes to the beach


I enjoyed their site, but in their efforts to be terminally cool, they left out features that would have made their blog more effective.

There is no way to leave comments or to send anyone an email! There are no permalinks either!

It’s not really a blog, although they have gone to great trouble to make it look like one. At least they aren’t making the mistake that Panasonic made by creating a fake blogger to promote Panasonic products!

My compliments to Cool Hunter for finding me and acknowledging my efforts. A few tweaks to your blog and it will enable you to communicate with your cool public. Moderated comments are in, by the way. Failing to permit comments is so uncool…

Incidently cool hunting may be on the verge of becoming mainstream, and therefore uncool, because there is another site with a similar URL, Cool Hunting. This is another site full of cool things but it is so commercial that it is like a KMart Sharper Image Store of coolness. This second site is also deficient in that they have not recognized the need to allow comments.

UPDATE: But they do have permalinks and a lot of other handy tools for telling your friends about the cool things on their site.

Their site contains this great definition:

Cool Hunting: finding things in the intersection of design, culture and
technology that excite the imagination and inspire creativity

Has anyone else seen things that fit this definition? Let me know and I’ll write about it.

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