Another Thursday night in Floyd

Chickenwinggravy_1Life just doesn’t get much better than this. Good music in an intimate venue that provides great food and genuine hospitality.

Gretchen and I and Doug Thompson are discussing the fate of the world over dinner at Oddfellas Cantina while Bill Smith and Rich Rittenhouse play original and classic blues tunes.

Bill and Rich, also known as Chicken Wings and Gravy, play the blues in a way you will not soon forget. Their understated competence showed these two to be masters of their art.

I have seen too many blues groups which relied on histrionics and flashy vocals to capture an audience’s attention, so it was a complete surprise to encounter the arresting performance that these two put on.

They didn’t introduce themselves, they just started playing quietly and purposefully, but you knew immediatly that these guys were something out of the ordinary because you couldn’t take your attention off them. They didn’t speak much at all, they just let their music do the talking for them.

You can read more about them on chickenwings and

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