Building/moving to a new home – day 35

New sign seen in our bedroom


The pace is picking up on the home front. Realtors and buyers troop through the house at all hours, rain or shine, and we have received our first offer for the house.

Sherman has taken to hiding under the comforter of our bed. This produces a huge lump in the
middle of the bed which elicits comments from puzzled visitors. To save time on explanations, I made up the sign, which we will leave on the bed when we are not here.

Life has taken on the quality of a stage production, because we
still have work to do and the house has to be seen at its best. We have
learned how to keep the house ready for visitors and still enjoy our
lives together.

UPDATE: This is the sign in use. Sherman is in residence. Click on the image to get a  better view of what  lengths Sherman goes to in order to  feel safe.Hidingplace

We try to give the cats extra attention to make up for the disruption in the family routines and  eventually they may get used to this commotion. By then we will be ready to give them the big thrill of moving again and we get to relive their production of "Fear and Loathing on the Highway!"  🙂

At the construction site in Floyd, we are definitely under the gun now, because snow flurries were predicted on the local weather map and we still have foundation walls to pour for the new home and a roof to build on the new garage.

The first freeze warning from the National Weather Service is out for Radford…Blacksburg…Independence…Galax…Floyd…and more. This freeze warning was issued at 10:08 pm EDT Monday.

Temperatures are expected to fall into the upper 20s to lower 30s across the mountains overnight.  This will end the fall agricultural growing season until the spring of 2006 for that region.

The good news is that our two contractors are completely unfazed by this and expect to put full crews on site to get the house foundation done and the garage closed in by early next week. We are planning to be in Floyd this week to cheer them on and enjoy the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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