Building/moving to a new home – day 17


We spent the last three days in Floyd, VA getting rained on, visiting with friends and working with contractors. We also stayed at a B & B that is a working farm with llamas and alpacas.

I will capture the high spots in a Photo Album tomorrow but I will start with a framed set of "spider pearls" as a tribute to my arachnophile blogging buddy Fred First.

The new house is coming along nicely. The interior walls and ceilings of all four modules are painted and the kitchen cabinets will be in shortly. If the Southern Heritage team continues at the same pace, they should be ready to bring the modules to the site in a few weeks. Diningarea

You can see Gretchen and Butch Jarrett of Southern Heritage discussing progress in front of the kitchen/dining area module.

Work on the homesite was halted temporarily because of the heavy downpours, but we should have a slab poured for the garage/workshop by early next week and be pouring the foundation for the house shortly afterwards.

We now have a street number for the house so we no longer have to
describe the location as: "the opening in the trees where the
bulldozers are parked".

Garageworkshop_1The local utility companies are gearing up to bring power and DSL service to the house in the next few weeks. Engineers from Citizens, the local telephone coop, and Appalachian Power have been very cooperative. They visited the site and have made themselves available for discussions. They will also be saving us money by bringing their services to the house in the same trench!

They are not put off by a neighbor who is being difficult about granting an easement. They are simply working around this difficulty and we expect all will be handled shortly.

Until we have power at the site, our contractors will be using an 8000 watt Honda generator which will later be used as the emergency power generator for the finished home.

We have ordered prefinished oak flooring from Lumber Liquidators (at great prices) and will bring the flooring to the site in the Dodge van after the modules are delivered. Now we need to locate installers, because I am no longer willing to throw myself into tasks that involve long hours on my knees.

So, we are less than three weeks into this project and it looks like we may be almost halfway through. Time will tell, of course, but we still hope to celebrate Thanksgiving in our new house.

Thanks to everyone who has made recommendations.

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