So, you have been wondering where all the stinkbugs are coming from?

CLOSEUP OF STINKBUG We have been increasingly upset with this years horde of of unwanted visitors. They keep appearing even though we have captured and disposed of hundreds of them.

We could not see what they were eating and they all seemed to be the same size, so we feared that there was a little machine that was cloning them. There seemed to be no other explanation.

Then I thought of accessing Google, the universal fount of knowledge.

I googled "stink bugs" and found that most varieties were plant eaters and that's when the penny dropped. My dear wife has filled every corner of our house with wonderfuly healthy plants!

This morning we discovered stinkbugs on almost every plant in the house. They hide under the leaves and can easily be picked off and dropped into a glass of soapy water.

If you have been invaded by these critters, you might look at your houseplants closely.  These stinkbugs do not give away their presence like other plant munchers, they only leave tiny pinholes that can be easily missed unless you are looking for them.

So now, you do not have to wait for the stinkbugs to hide in your closets and sock drawers, you can seek them out where they feed and hopefully rid yourself of this years most annoying pest.

 Good hunting!

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