Building/moving to a new home – day 5

I’m taking advantage of the fact that Gretchen is out of town for a few days to make sweeping changes in the appearance of the house and yard.

To keep myself on track, I have made up two 20" x 30" project boards and covered them with stickies for each of the tasks I need to do or keep track of.

Today, I can cross off two big ones. The back yard has been mowed and cleared of brush and I have taken three loads of books and furniture out of my office.

There is more to do in the office, but the end is in sight. When I am through the only things left in this room will be my desk, a couple of filing cabinets, and a NordicTrack EXP2000 treadmill.

I am slowly returning the house to the spacious condition it was in when we first saw it. It is amazing how much furniture and equipment we have accumulated in three years!

Maybe I will be able to maintain a clean, uncluttered look in the next house, but I am not making any predictions yet. That would require a complete personality change for me, I’m afraid.

On the other hand, maybe I can follow Gretchen’s habits more closely. Her office and the parts of the house she controls are remarkably tidy considering who she lives with.

More later…

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  1. Melissa Newman says:

    David- Your blog has been a wonderful breath of reality in the job and unjob world. My Ph.D. and 25 years of education experience did not help me when two long term unemployed or never employed Moms decided to “get rid of me” (stated in a site council meeting). Finding myself abruptly not renewed but give great evaluations and letters of recommendations has left me puzzled. When interviewed I got to second interview but not hired. Perhaps I do no longer fit in US education. That would be sad. I have accepted a principal position of a start up private school in Yangon, Myanmar. While the money is low the cost of living can be low too. We will see what other adventures this decision will bring. What kind of business advice for import- export should I seek from those with websites that support yours? I am , hopefully, leasing my place for the cost to me and enjoying the freedom of a simplified life. I will keep a running post on Lonely Planets site. I am hopefully preparing the new citizens of Myanmar for an eventual commerical success. Melissa

  2. Melissa,

    There are always small-minded people who don’t like you and sometimes those people get themselves in a position of power where they can get rid of you.

    The worst thing you can do is to go into agreement on this or on the spurious reasons they make up to get you fired or dismissed.

    I am sure that you saw this coming many months ago and thought that you could weather the storm by working hard and doing your job. Unfortunately, that is not enough to handle this kind of political sabotage.

    When you become aware that people are talking about you behind your back, you need to take steps to expose what is going on and you need to gather support from your allies to counter the spread of rumors about you. If your friends will not come to your assistance, that is a dead giveaway that they believe the rumors and are not true friends.

    If small-minded people manage to get you dismissed, you need to take a good look at what you could do to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Sometimes it is only a matter of staying in good communication with your manager. Sometimes it is a matter of making sure that you are working for a group that deserves you.

    A good group will not let one of its members be attacked without rallying around them and supporting them. A group that turns a blind eye to injustices is no group to be a part of.

    You might want to read my post on setting expectations. It might help you in your next position.

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