Podcasting instead of blogging

Christopher Parks and Bob Martin  invited me to be their guest on a business-related Podcast called “TheBizCast”. I accepted their invitation and ended up having a great time discussing a variety of subjects.

This podcast was unrehearsed and unedited, so you get an immediacy and a candor that you will not find on mainstream media. At the same time, these guys are so professional that the results exceed what you will hear on a typical talk show.

They are great hosts and made it very easy for me to cover a lot of ground. It was so easy to talk with them that we spent two and a half hours on the phone and it felt like we had barely scratched the surface. I was surprised how cogent I sounded. I am now hooked on podcasting as a way to extend my reach as a writer through a medium which offers some interesting capabilities.

Podcasting is the recording and storing of audio information as mp3 files online. These files can be downloaded into an mp3 player, such as an iPod, or a computer and can be played back whenever desired. Unlike the typical radio or TV performance, podcasting provides a permanent and searchable record of a live conversation.

My conversation with Christopher and Bob was published as three segments which can be downloaded. If you are interested in hearing what I actually sound like and want to know if I talk in the same off-the-wall manner as I write, you can follow the three links below.

Christopher Parks has provided a brief index of the topics we covered in our free-wheeling discussion. This podcast is titled BizCast Podcast Show 08. Each podcast is preceded and ended by some taped segments from old radio shows.

TheBizCast Show 08 part 1

TheBizCast Show 08 Interview part 1 of 2 : David St. Lawrence, BobM, Christopher: – Back from vacation! – John from the M Show vmail – David’s blog at Ripples.typepad.com – Blog personality – Telling Seth Godin that he’s conservative – From start-up to Sun Micro – Job hunting with college chum Jack Welch – 3rd World Insta businesses – Sarah Lee in SE Asia – Micro businesses are the new source of new jobs – DON’T borrow money! Be a miser and bootstrap it – Internet bubble lessons still apply – Danger Quicksand: Waiting for the Axe to Fall and Your Boss is Afraid of You – What’s it about? It’s about You! – Warning Signs…

TheBizCast Show 8 Part 2

TheBizCast Podcast Show 8 Part 2: The 2nd part of an interview with David St. Lawrence and BobM. – An odd vmail from a friendly dare?! – 25 jobs – 3-5% increase = Grading On The Curve – Changing the Sales Comp Plan – Scott McNeeley (Sun) has founder’s disease – Steve Jobs and Bill Gates – Leverage the skills of people around you – My company paying-off Barney Fife – Sibling starting Medical Billing biz – Seer and waiter – Trading one job for another sucks – Micro business exchanging work – Biz on the side? Why Not? – Podcasting for the fun of it – 10,000 friends – (sound clip from Best of Show)

TheBizCast Show 08 Part 3

TheBizCast Podcast Show 08 Part 3: Retail Hell, David St. Lawrence, BobM, Christopher – New segment! STORIES from Retail HELL as told by Greg – There’s no editing in podcasting – No one’s a newbie – Podcasting index feature – Podcast to sell Jello – RSS for Realtors idea – David won’t get Jack Welch on show – Dumbass Covey’isms – The longtail market and Amazon & NetFlix – Kicking Pareto’s 80-20 Principle’s ass – Longtail in Medicine: Viagra vs. StiffX – nostalgia longtail – David’s double knit Leisure Suit – Serve The Longtail

It gave me a chance to speak out on things I care about and I found myself at home in this new medium. It was a life-changing experience. I want to do more podcasting!

Thanks Chris and Bob for a great time!


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