Seth Godin has more sage advice for authors

Seth Godin is a remarkably savvy guy. In one short post, he has managed to build an unbelievable case for blogging as a launch pad for publishing a non-fiction book.

He also hints at a disturbingly simple strategy to get your ideas out and still make money.

Seth is living proof that there is no shortage of valuable ideas. He delivers more value in a single post than you may find in entire books. He is a master at promoting himself and his ideas far and wide and often.

I have had great results following his advice. I should probably read more of it. 🙂

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  1. Bill says:

    Yes, Seth’s post is great advice. I wrote my own post to add to his thoughts. I think anyone writing a book would do well to simply look at Seth’s books and how important layout is. Also, Seth is a master of “less is more” in his writing, as well as a master of tone.

    He seems to have a great handle on all aspects of writing non-fiction books, especially the concept of a book being about an idea, not about writing.

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