J K Rowling does it again

RowlingjkJ. K. Rowling is an inspiration to any writer. Her talent and her perseverance took her from near poverty to billionaire status in just a few years. 

I read her latest work, The Half-Blood Prince in one sitting and found it to be as as satisfying and memorable as any of the earlier books. J.K. Rowling exhibits a masterful understanding of the human condition

It was with great satisfaction that I saw that Harry was right after all in his assessment of one of the more mysterious characters of the series.

It aligns with what I have written earlier. Make your judgments on the basis of what you yourself observe, no matter what your trusted advisors tell you.


For those of you who take a more leisurely approach to reading Harry Potter books, you are in for a treat. The characters continue to develop in a satisfying way, but the pace of the story is as hectic as ever.


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