Are You Ready To Create More Miracles?

If you have had the urge to heal others with a thought or to communicate with others who are far away using your willpower alone, you may be ready to join us this Sunday for our online Spiritual Rescue Technology workshop.

We observe spirits at work, help them solve problems, and figure out how to recruit them to help us in our daily lives. Most of us do this every day and share what we learn with others who are eager to learn from the spirits who surround us. Spirits are immortal and have memories they are willing to share if you learn to communicate with them.

If this is all new to you, but you would like to learn more, I suggest you read Talking To Spirits which is available on Amazon and is available as a free download on

The SRT workshop at 12 noon Eastern time on Sunday will address more of the barriers to awareness and the major challenges that come with increased awareness. It will also address the agreements you made in the past to act normal and fit into mundane society so they would not attack you and punish you for being different.

We will also discuss the results provided by religions, cults, and holistic medicine so you can see where each fits in the overall address to spirits and our relationship to them while operating human bodies. Our focus is on increasing your awareness and ability as an immortal spiritual being and using your abilities to enhance your human existence while doing so.

You will find that the legendary powers credited to ancient gods and spiritual leaders are not lost forever but were discarded as unwise after enough mistakes were made using those abilities. If you are interested in recovering your native abilities, you may benefit from studying and using Spiritual Rescue Technology. It is a collection of observations about spirits and their powers that is being assembled every week and is freely available for use by those who can make use of it.

If this is an area that interests you, join us on Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time on Zoom using the usual workshop link. If you have not participated in an SRT workshop before, send me an email at for information on the workshop and a link to join as an observer or participant.

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