Yes, there is a free Thursday Night Workshop on 3-1-18

This online workshop will cover new discoveries about using SRT processes.

The first discovery is that listen style counseling of any kind is an extremely limited process. Overuse of SRT listen style sessions leads to tiredness, overwhelm and loss of motivation on the part of the counselor!

Listen style counseling is practiced by many therapists and results in therapist burnout. It’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed or exhausted when you’re constantly exposed to and absorbing the emotions of other people. Even the best-intentioned practitioners with the strongest defense of self-care feel beaten down sometimes.

SRT counseling and solo sessions can produce burnout if certain precautions are not observed. We will discuss how to provide counseling without being overwhelmed or producing burnout.

We will also discuss new discoveries about reach and withdraw processing.

Join me tonight at 7pm EST. Use this link:

The workshop is free.

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When you can remember your past life skills…

Your musical ability has that extra quality that transfixes your audience.
Alma Deutscher (aged 5) playing Dancla – Air varié sur un thème de Pacini – December 2010

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SRT Workshop – Remove Stuck Flows and Antagonism From Your Life – Tonight at 7pm EST

I have tested some revised Reach and Withdraw process commands in several sessions and they seem to provide faster results and require much less improvising on the part of the counselor.

This new SRT process is the fastest way I have ever seen for removing antagonism from a person’s life.

Join me for a free demonstration tonight at 7pm EST on Zoom where I will show the latest developments in SRT processing to remove stuck flows and antagonism from your life.

I need two volunteers. First come – first served.
Use this link to join the free workshop:

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Thursday Night Free Workshop – recognizing stuck flows and handling them

Join me tonight 2-1-18 at 7pm EST for the latest discoveries about revitalizing your life. Recovering your ability to handle the stops on your life will give you more satisfaction than you can possibly imagine.

I will be sharing the latest discoveries from this week’s research and will show you how to recognize the stuck flows that are affecting your life.

If time permits I will run sessions demonstrating how to handle a stuck flow with reach and withdraw processing.

Join me at 7pm tonight by using this link:

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