Review of Past Weeks Results

To begin the meeting, we will review your progress in changing your personality last week and will suggest ways of improving your skill at this important task.

Recruiting Drills

We have already held two meetings where we discussed recruiting spirits for one purpose or another and we are going to complete the training action by drilling a recruiting cycle until you can do it easily.

For more information on this academy meeting, join me on Telegram and I will provide you with all of the necessary details. Use this link to connect with me:

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Free Workshop on Changing Your Personality to Handle Emergencies

As you may have noticed, life is becoming chaotic in many places around the globe. You might even say that order is breaking down in ways we have not seen since early in the last century. Regardless of your race, education, or work ethic, you can become the subject of vicious attacks because of what you have said or written about almost anything.

You can spend endless hours seeking to find the hidden sources of this chaos, but a better use of your time is to prepare yourself for exposure to this insanity when it occurs. Facts will not matter when all around you are voicing opinions based on false data, but attitudes based on certainty will communicate when nothing else will.

One of the most upsetting things you will encounter is that people you have known for years will come out with outrageous opinions you have never heard before. It will seem as if someone else has taken control of your friend and turned them into a bigoted and insane person. Your attempts to set them straight will alienate them and can turn them into bitter enemies.

This is where you need to be able to maintain caring communication even when the other person is in the midst of what appears to be madness. Your survival may depend on you remaining dispassionate and calmly rational in the face of high emotions.

This is where changing your personality comes in. Your normal pride in your accomplishments and lifestyle needs to be held in check so that you do not take it personally when someone calls you racist or an enemy of the people because you don’t want to loot, burn, and destroy like the rest of the group.

You cannot rely on the support of your friends and employers because they may throw you under the bus when the mob wants your scalp. Their fear will make them sacrifice you so that the mob will leave them alone.

You need to remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience and that the worst thing you can do is to compromise your personal integrity.

Know the truth, even if you are not allowed to say it publicly, and work to make it known eventually. Retreat from situations you cannot control and make plans to rectify the situation when you gather support for a positive change.

You will find the mob scene to be very restimulative and you will be tempted to react in many different ways. Use your knowledge of SRT to handle fears and upsets until you can come up with a rational plan to help restore order. This usually involves finding others with similar rational views and joining their efforts to restore sanity. This will go much faster if you restore sanity among your spiritual companions first.

This is an important discussion and I want to help you come to some useful conclusions this Saturday. Join me at 12 noon Saturday 6-20-20 on Zoom using this link:

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You Can Now Get Counseling Sessions To Change Your Personality In Specific Ways

There are spiritual factors that affect your personality. At times they can enhance your desirable personality characteristics and at other times they can make you appear foolish and uncertain.

Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling sessions can zero in on the spiritual factors which are making you look confused and out of control and can eliminate specific problems in a few sessions. These sessions can make a dramatic change in the personality you present to the world.

The simplest way to begin is to consider changing your personality to achieve specific results. Look at this list of questions and see if any address your present needs.

1. What personality change would make you more marketable to your clients

2. What personality change would make you more likely to be promoted in your company?

3. What personality change would make you be viewed as a visionary leader?

4. What personality change will make you have more close friends?

5. What personality change will make you more attractive to a loving partner?

6. What personality change will make you happier with your family?

7. What personality change would make you happier in retirement?

There are many more situations that are affected by your personality and your sessions will be tailored to your needs.

This can be a life-changer for anyone who feels their personality traits are holding them back.

If this applies to you, send me an email at for more information.

David St Lawrence

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Uncertainty is a subtle indicator of spiritual activity acting against you

The spiritual activity takes the form of counter-intention that you probably think is one of your own thoughts. It usually takes the form of a negative thought that follows immediately upon the heels of a positive thought.

You casually think about making a major change in your life and you get an immediate thought like, “I’m too old for that.” or “It will never happen.”

This has probably been happening for years and you have grown used to it and do not recognize the negative thought as coming from another source. You just feel uncertain about your ability to improve your life

If your awareness is high enough, you can spot the source of the counter-intention and handle it with caring communication, but most people just feel uncertain and do their best to overcome the uncertainty by forcing themselves to carry on.

If you would like to understand how spiritual activity can affect your life, you might want to read my book, Introducing Spiritual Rescue Technology It will increase your awareness and give you the data you need to handle counter-intention from the spiritual realm.

I hold weekly workshops and webinars to discuss how to handle spiritual activity, but you can read my book and see for yourself how this works.

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