Let Us Expand Our Understanding Of Non-Binary People

We need to get outside the normal view of being a man or a woman or a furry, for that matter. We are immortal spiritual beings, living thoughts capable of animating living bodies and vegetable matter. For those of us who choose to animate human bodies, we gain an identity by selecting a body, usually at birth, and we care for it through infancy, childhood, adulthood, and old age. Although these bodies have sexual characteristics, we spirits do not, but we may have preferences based on our past experiences.

We pick up these bodies every 50 to 100 years and live out an existence using that body as an identifier. Spirits do not have sexual differentiation. We have life force, awareness, intention, attention, affinity, and a few other characteristics, but we are not created male or female or belonging to any particular race or species. If you have been able to explore your past lives, you will discover you have played both male and female roles and in most cases, have excelled at or preferred to be one sex or another.

You also have spirit guides who have had male or female bodies at some time in the past. I have one spirit guide who prefers to be male but has vivid memories of being a farm wife during the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. We discovered his past in 1982 when we encountered his husband of the Land Rush era and it triggered a negative reaction in both of them as the relationship had not been a happy one.

In short, we as spirits are non-binary and choose a physical identity when we assume a body to animate and identify with. Do we make mistakes when choosing a body? We sure do, especially when we are eager to get back into the human game after being kicked out of the game by death or accident earlier. If we pick up a body that is not our preferred gender, we can go with the flow and pretend we are happy to be male or female, or we can stand up for what we prefer and choose an identity that is different than our physical makeup.

Choosing to be what you feel like instead of the body type you picked up at birth is a challenge as society tends to enforce conformance on the roles its members are allowed to play. Gender-based roles in more primitive societies are rigidly assigned at birth and enforced with violence. Gender-based roles in more sophisticated societies can be chosen by the person themselves even if not universally accepted.

More recently, people who did not feel comfortable in their assumed bodies have taken to surgery to remake their bodies in an image that felt more comfortable. This solution creates problems of its own because their bodies do not belong to either gender, but to an artificially created body that resembles a gender, but does not duplicate the functions of that gender. This artificiality creates a barrier between these people and people of binary or non-binary genders.

In all cases, the gender-related problems stemmed from implications of spiritual choices at birth that were not understood or properly handled with spiritual counseling. When a person discovers their real reason for selecting a body type, they can come to terms with the choice they made. They can be a man acting as a woman or a woman acting as a man and choose the role they will play in today’s society. If a being feels comfortable with the sex of the body they chose, they will not be uncomfortable with others who chose to play different roles. With the right kind of spiritual counseling, a person will discover the reason they have their current body type and will be able to play the role they wish with no spiritual harm occurring.

Those people who have chosen surgery to solve their dilemma often find that this estranges them from other versions of humanity and this has profound psychological effects of a negative nature. The best solution for anyone not comfortable with their body is counseling to help them discover why they chose their current body and to resolve any conflicts that have arisen in the spiritual companions that surround them. Our current earth mockup as a human is a conglomeration of spirits working to animate and control the body under the direction of a spirit who may be unaware of the rest of the spirits in the collection.

Spiritual Rescue Technology  allows the controlling spirit to get in good communication with the rest of the spirits and persuade them to act in harmony for the best interests of all. Read this book to gain an understanding of your true capabilities and what you can do to change your life for the better.

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There Is A New Game Available For Retired Dianetic and Scientology Auditors

If you are willing to work with spiritual beings, you can change lives, including your own, heal people and animals, and you can do it at no cost with my online references or you can book a free introductory session with me and start immediately.

I developed Spiritual Rescue Technology with the help of clients and friends for the purpose of healing people mentally and physically using our natural psychic abilities. If you have audited at any level you already have the basic skills to run sessions on spiritual beings because disembodied spirits have the same needs as spirits animating human bodies. If you have any spiritual awareness, and you use our tested processes, you will be contacting spirits and helping them from the very first day.

Unlike the fabled OT levels, Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) is not an exorcism process to rid your body of spirits and make them go away and stop bothering you. SRT is a conversational process, much like traditional Book One auditing, which lets you help spirits who are trapped in past incidents and bring them to present time.

If you have ever been bothered by voices in your head or images that just wouldn’t go away, you have already encountered spirits who needed your help. With the use of my free books and articles, you can teach yourself the basics of helping spirits regain their free will. You can free yourself and others from troubled spirits who distract and influence us and you can also find helpful spirits you can recruit as spirit guides.

Contrary to what you have been taught, the in-between lives area can be pretty boring and most spirits find someone to follow around and either observe passively or try to get involved. If you learn SRT and do daily solo sessions like regular SRT users, you can get spirits to help you in almost any area of your life you can imagine. There are many more disembodied spirits than spirits animating bodies, and they have experience in every imaginable occupation. Those of us who work with spirits every day, value the support we get from our spiritual team members.

You can find free copies of my books online at this link: http://spiritual-rescue-technology-library.info/srt-books/

You can read hundreds of my articles on these sites: 


You get to call the shots and proceed at your own pace. If you need more information or a free introductory session, send me an email at  srtcounseling@gmail.com

Don’t let your auditing skills go to waste. You can put them to work in a new arena and change your life forever.

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Are You Stuck Being A Group Three SRT User?

Spiritual Rescue Technology users seem to fall into five different groups.

Group Three feels that SRT probably works and they read my articles and comment on them. They have tried to contact their spirits but do not get enough responses to be confident in believing me. They probably feel that I have some special ability that lets me communicate with spirits. They may have gotten sessions from me and keep on hoping that they will have a breakthrough and get the benefits I claim to have received. They have had gains from SRT sessions but they were not permanent.

We have had some recent research breakthroughs that explain why no spiritual counseling or spiritual healing gains are permanent and this factor affects SRT gains as well! There is a well-known law that explains this phenomenon and it is called the Law Of Attraction. Injured spirits are attracted to sites of pain and injury which trigger their memories of pain and suffering. What this means is that once you have cleaned the wound and done a spiritual healing, you need to revisit the site constantly until physical healing of the wound is well underway and there is no attraction for stray spirits.

If you would like to learn how to make your gains last, contact me for some sessions to address this problem and you will soon be on your way to being a Group Five power user of Spiritual Rescue Technology. As your confidence in SRT healing rises, you will be more likely to do daily meditations and SRT solo sessions which will move you through Group Four activities to become an SRT Power User experiencing weekly changes in your awareness and abilities.

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Thinking Of Using An AI As Your First Line Of Defense Against Spam?

Jasper Spam Fighter

I have been getting daily spam for the past few years and I wanted to see if I could stem the tide by having Jasper create an all-purpose response to the most common offerings. This is what Jasper prepared for me.

Dear [Organization],

We are deeply grateful for your continued offers of support and assistance, as we face the possibilities of future issues that might threaten our progress and success. In particular, we would like to express our appreciation for your continued offers to help in the following areas:

A. Our Vehicle Warranty Expiration: We value your willingness to be proactive and provide solutions for this issue before it became a problem. Your commitment to helping us protect our investments is truly admirable. We do not have a problem in this area, but we appreciate your offering to solve it for us if it occurs.

B. Our lack of a custom application to revolutionize our business: The development of such an application requires expertise, resources and time which we do not have and cannot afford, which makes it fortunate that we do not need such an application now or in the future. You have demonstrated an impressive level of dedication and resourcefulness by offering to develop this application for us and we appreciate that even if we do not need it.

C. Our lack of a website that shows off our business to its best advantage: Your assessment that we need one was spot on and appreciated beyond words! Your offer to produce a website is extraordinary, as it could potentially increase our visibility, customer base and bottom line exponentially if we cared to do that. Since our current growth through referrals from satisfied clients strains our capacity to deliver, we can only marvel at the idea of stressing ourselves further through inspired outreach to casual internet visitors. We will certainly think about that in the future.

D. Our need for immediate financing to expand our business: We are extremely thankful that you took the time to predict our needs and offer to make the necessary arrangements with the right partners so quickly! If this was a real situation for us, this might have been invaluable in allowing us to undertake new projects with confidence.

In short, your unwavering commitment to offer your services in advance of any expressed need has cost us both time and money but is providing us with peace of mind knowing that there is someone out there looking out for us every step of the way if we should ever need such services in the future. We cannot thank you enough for all your efforts and wish you the best in your future efforts to generate business!


David S

After a moment of sober reflection, I remembered that the last time I used a robot responder for spam, the spam volume increased dramatically as those spam systems recognized all responses as positive indications of interest. Your mileage may vary.

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