Can’t Seem To Hear Spirits?

You are not alone in your self-inflicted deafness.

Surrounded By Spirits And Deaf To Their Requests

In order to communicate with someone, you need to consider that they are listening and have something worthwhile to say. If you continue to think of spirits as “things” rather than sentient beings without bodies, you will not begin to understand what they are trying to communicate to you. You will never realize the frustration they feel when you continue to ignore them. You will also fail to see their disgust and indifference when you attempt to give them commands as if they were an Alexa-powered robot.

If you can think of spirits as dead relatives or ghosts of possibly famous people, you are beginning to think of them in a useful way. They are immortal, just as you are, and they have all sorts of useful memories and skills. If you talk with them in a friendly and caring way, you can learn what they know and put it to use for your own benefit.

There are many people who benefit from the advice they are given by friendly spirits. There are child prodigies in every country who display adult skills before they begin school. Some of these prodigies are old spirits reincarnated in new bodies, but others are able to draw upon the skills of multiple spirits like composer Alma Deutscher who has been composing music since she was 6 years old.

I discovered spirits many years ago, but I had always thought of them as things rather than as people without bodies. As time went on and I began to hear their voices in my head and began to see images from their lives, they became quite real to me. I learned to pick up their intentions and their concerns and it became obvious that they were able to influence us and to take control of us at times. On the other hand, they were able to give me advice and warnings at times which made life a far richer experience.

In 2010, I established a spiritual counseling practice and a technology for rescuing these spirits from incidents that captured their attention and caused them to remain hypnotized. Since these spirits are immortal, these beings would remain hypnotized for extremely long periods of time.

Once I recognized these spirits as beings like myself, I was able to ask them intelligent questions and recognize the answers they gave me in return. As soon as I began to communicate with some of these spirits, the others in my vicinity started asking questions and giving me opinions until my entire personal space was in an uproar. During the nights after my first solo sessions speaking to spirits, I had hundreds of spiritual beings demanding to be heard. They had spent uncounted years hanging around me with no way to communicate and once I learned how to communicate with them, they had many things they wanted to share with me.

All I had to do was check frequently during the day to see whether anyone was feeling unacknowledged and let them know I really got that and would make sure they were acknowledged in the future. So, “spiritual deafness” occurs when your spirits go out of communication with you. They shut up and will not communicate to you and you feel “deaf” spiritually.

I found out that my spirits were usually trying to help me. In fact, many spirits are trying to help the person who owns and manages the body and they are generally not acknowledged for their efforts. When they are not acknowledged for their efforts to help, they go out of communication and will not respond when you want their help.

When I learned to communicate with spirits, I started asking them, “Has anyone been unacknowledged?” and I would get these huge responses. I would even get strong emotions and rowdy remarks from the spirits in my space. I started hearing profanity from my spiritual companions for the very first time. It was a hoot! Once my spirits found that I was listening to them and cared about them, the communication turned on like a fire hose.

It may take you several readings of the above to get the idea that spirits are immortal living beings, just like you. They respond to caring communication. They respond positively to admiration, acknowledgment, and recognition of their existence as living beings.

When I take a client in session for the first time, I will ask the spirit questions and have the client tell me what he is picking up from the spirit in response to my questions. In the beginning, the client is often hesitant and has to guess at what he is perceiving but he will quickly gain confidence as I corroborate what the spirit is saying. I can perceive the spirit and what he is communicating so I know if the client is receiving the spiritual communication correctly. In this way, the client starts perceiving and understanding spiritual communication from the very first session. Quite often, the client will doubt his ability after the session but after a few more sessions and he begins to spot the spirits who are making him doubt his ability.

I should have mentioned that most of the spirits surrounding you are stuck in painful incidents which means they are not at their best. If you think of them as crash survivors you will have a sense that they are not operating at full capacity. If you use caring communication with them and ask reasonable questions you will find out why they are with you and what they are trying to accomplish. If you allow them to tell you what is bothering them, you will find they will generally come up to present time and they can become very useful to you as guides and advisors.

I have recently discovered that putting spirits to work will make them happy because they prefer to be productive. If you are doing creative things, you will find no end of helpful spirits to advise you and suggest alternate solutions for problems you are trying to solve. If you learn to manage your spiritual companions, you will find that life becomes almost effortless and much more amusing.

I strongly suggest that you discover your spirits and their capabilities by communicating with them and by asking questions politely. Reading about other people’s discoveries can be quite interesting but your discoveries are the ones that are important as they will give you unshakable certainty.

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A Fair And Abundant Exchange Creates A Healthy Relationship

If you have a relationship that is going sour, you have not been experiencing a fair and abundant exchange.

A fair and abundant exchange exists only when both parties get what they need and want. Anything else does not result in fair and abundant exchange and will result in a failing relationship at some point.

Allowing yourself to remain in a relationship where a fair and abundant exchange does not exist is a self-destructive action. You are basically declaring that you do not deserve a fair exchange and are unworthy of respect as a contributing member of the group. You are electing to serve as a slave to another person’s demands. This is not good for your health or for your mental stability.

Perhaps you think you are not entitled to fair treatment because you made a promise to love and obey forever or to serve in some capacity with some highly respected group with the understanding that there would be an abundant exchange of some sort. Somehow, circumstances have changed and there is no fair or abundant exchange and you are still slogging on in a painful and uncomfortable relationship because you promised! All agreements are based on certain understandings that there will be a mutually agreeable exchange. If the exchange is not mutually agreeable, the relationship is a form of slavery and will not go well for the parties involved.

An unfair agreement degrades all parties involved. The person enforcing the unfair agreement is degrading themselves by their criminal actions. The person failing to correct or break the unfair agreement is compromising their integrity.

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A Different Approach To Spiritual Healing

Use your psychic ability to detect intentions in problem areas

Those of you who are psychically aware can often detect aches, pains and infections in other people’s bodies. Some of you will see colors when you look into a body and others will actually experience the pain that the person is feeling.

Your approaches to healing can vary from flowing love to the afflicted areas and making them feel better to bathing the areas in spiritual light and driving out the destructive thoughts that infest the area and prevent healing. Depending on your abilities, your results can range from immediate and lasting down to slight temporary relief.

Your results will depend not only on your spiritual abilities but on the mindset of the person you are trying to help. If the person does not want your help they will find a way to nullify any of your efforts to heal them. They may have even been using their problem to exert control over others and to gain sympathy.

I have been using many different approaches to spiritual healing for the past 44 years and I have only recently discovered that I could easily detect intentions in all living things. It turns out that anything that is alive is animated by a spirit and all spirits have both lifeforce and intention. If you are sufficiently aware, you can perceive lifeforce and intentions in people, animals and plants. You can even sense intentions in parasites and bacteria in bodies as distinct from the intention of the body itself.

If you were to look at a body with hot spots as shown in the illustration, you will pick up intentions that are contrary to the survival intentions of the body itself. The areas may be trying to succumb or may be furiously angry at what has happened to the area and are resisting any attempts of the body to heal the area. The reason it is important to perceive and understand the intentions of the afflicted area, is that the intention is what is holding the condition in place. Applying salves and soothing ointments and poultices will often help the healing process, but a direct approach of communicating with the afflicted area and finding the cause of the destructive intention can produce faster and more permanent results.

When you train yourself to perceive intentions, you begin to see that the intentions that appear in a painful or infected areas of the body come from unexpected sources. They can come from injuries and unexpected impacts, but they can also come from spirits who are attacking the body for some reason. I cover these reasons in detail in my books and articles on Spiritual Rescue Technology, but you can discover for yourself that caring communication with the spirit maintaining that intention will cause the spirit to wake up from its angry state and the problem will magically disappear.

The important point I want to make is that intentions cause things to occur and spirits are the source of all intentions. If something is going very wrong in a body or in an organization, a spirit or spirits will be behind the problem and addressing them and finding and solving the problem will produce magical results. Yes, you should put a bandage on it to stop loss of blood, but dealing with the upset spirit will ensure that the problem will not reoccur.



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Broken Vows – An Age-Old Problem For Immortal Beings

Broken Vows – An Age-Old Problem For Immortal Beings
We leave behind an endless trail of broken promises and unpaid debts.

An example of failure to provide a continuing exchange

You may have forgotten that you are immortal, but that does not change the fact that you made promises to people and organizations that you are no longer honoring. This is one of the reasons that certain people can make you feel guilty by looking at you in a disapproving way.

The inescapable truth is that we are immortal beings taking on human existences again and again and playing the game to the hilt each time around. We promise to love and obey forever and we do not remember that forever is a very long time. We drop one body and pick up the next and play the game again to the best of our ability. We join organizations that are formed to save the world or the galaxy and we pledge our allegiance to the cause. A few hundred lifetimes later, we are doing things that violate those solemn vows we swore and everything is going smoothly until we see an emblem of our old unit and we don’t feel so good anymore.

If you are feeling uncomfortable reading this, I can almost guarantee that an old memory is being stirred up somehow. What makes the matter even more annoying is that your spirit guides and personal demons are getting stirred up every time you visit historical sites or read about historical events.

You can run into this phenomenon at any age. You meet a member of the opposite sex for the first time and you are strangely attracted to them and they respond with unbelievable antagonism as though you were their worst nightmare. Neither of you can identify the source of these troubling feelings, but in your heart, you both know the other person has done something wrong to you.

This happens whenever you put a relationship on automatic. You agree to take part in something whether it is a marriage, a business relationship, or a religious vow, and you assume it will last forever. Circumstances change and the relationship is no longer safe or even viable so you decide to leave and betray your vows. You are stuck with the emotional burden of that betrayal for as long as your memory lasts. Since you can remember details of past lives when properly motivated, the feelings of guilt or betrayal can persist for millennia and more.

If you recognize that you are an immortal being, it is far better to make agreements that a relationship, marriage, employment, membership in the Loyal Officers, etc., will last as long as the agreed-upon exchange exists. That way, you will be creating the relationship every day and will be monitoring the exchange to make sure that exchange continues to exist. Exchange is what keeps any relationship together and those relationships that recognize and value their exchange will persist as long as they wish without problems.

If you are still troubled by the holy orders you took in previous lifetimes or by the marriage vows you swore in previous lifetimes, you need to determine whether there is an exchange that is still required. In this way, you can relieve yourself of the promises you made to serve Marduk or Moloch and can freely choose to live your life as you wish. If you were a Knight Templar and apply this strategy, you can free yourself to be a devout Muslim with no lingering feeling of unease.

The same is true if you were a temple priestess of Ishtar and now you serve as a nun in a modern religious order. Spotting and handling your previous vows will let you live the life of chastity you desire with no lingering feelings of guilt. Furthermore, if you choose to be happy in a male body in your next lifetime, you can handle any confusion about your choice by examining the promises you made to yourself and others in previous lifetimes.

Spirits are basically good and strive to live lives that provide them with a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind. Carrying memories of earlier lifetimes and the causes that were chosen makes men live lives that are filled with insane rage and purposes that do not fit in a sane society. Jack the Ripper’s efforts to eliminate the sex workers of his time were driven by forces he did not learn at his mother’s knee. Until we run across him in a future spiritual counseling session, we can only guess at the vows he had taken to give him such a nasty career path.

If you are not happy with the course your life has taken, you might want to look and see if you made agreements in times past that are contrary to your current lifestyle.

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