Creating A Future Business Reality With An Ideal Scene

Aligned Intentions

When you write an ideal scene, you are describing the future state of some environment. The fewer people damaged in your ideal scene, the likelier it is to occur. This is because an ideal scene describes a desired alignment of intentions!

When your ideal scene describes a game that many can play and benefit from, you have taken the first steps to find those people and beings who are aligned with you. Let me list two sample ideal scenes so you can see how one enlists aligned intentions and one creates opposing intentions.


I am going to launch an online business to market the works of local craftspeople who are working from home. It will be a cooperative and memberships can be paid in money or in services. We will have an interactive website staffed by live people who will answer questions and make suggestions. The site will be open 24/7, but the live attendants will cover normal business hours for the region, and a virtual assistant (a computerized chatbot) will provide information at all other times and will take messages for staff to follow up during business hours. We will create annual sales campaigns for children’s art to increase recognition for talented young artists and the schools that support them.


I am launching an online business for my art in addition to my existing gallery and will show those other artists how an online business should be run. I will advertise through Google Adsense and Facebook Ads. My marketing plan is a comprehensive document that outlines my advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year. I will show how my art is a superior investment over art by local amateurs based on my years of experience and sales.


If you have an idea for a business, whether online or storefront, think of how you can enlist as many partners as possible. If your idea is valid and you are a trustworthy person, there are people who want you to succeed. Even if you intend your business to be a one-person business, you need others to support you and give you good recommendations. If you do not need them to support you with money, try asking them for advice and see how much of it is helpful. I created several small businesses and found that most of my customers came from recommendations from customers and friends.

Everything in the physical universe is created through intentions. If you find people whose intentions are aligned with yours, you will make the process of creating a business or relationship much easier.

Try writing an ideal scene for what you wish to be doing this year and see what you can create for yourself and others. The more people who can benefit from your ideal scene, the more likely it will occur.

If you can, avoid ideal scenes which result in taking power from others. Ideal scenes which focus on rehabilitating undesirable influences rather than destroying them are far more likely to succeed. If you can envision win-win scenarios resulting from your ideal scene, you are more likely to achieve success.

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More Discoveries About Life Force 8-7-22

Life Force

I mentioned recently that it appeared I could only perceive life forces in people I could see or life forces within my body. I am happy to say that it is possible to perceive the life force of people you are closely connected to even if they are at a great distance.

I have not yet figured out how this perception is related to telepathic communication, but I suddenly realized that I can sense the life force of people I care about and other people I am connected with in some way, no matter where they are.

It is like we are all connected in some sort of psychic “Medinet” and can be aware of how others are doing just by thinking of them.

I am sure that there are many of you with the same ability and some of you are probably using it to keep track of friends and relatives without even realizing it. I am relating my experience to encourage you to validate and use your ability to help others you care about.

There are often confirming signs of diminishing life force. You will be corresponding with someone who is experiencing problems in life or with their health and they gradually drop out of communication. When you attempt to keep up the communication in a caring way, they are slower and slower to answer and eventually stop responding.

I have had a few clients go out of communication in this way and when I was finally able to reach them I found they were in the final stages of succumbing to an environmental situation that was overwhelming them. If I had recognized that I was perceiving their diminishing life force, I could have given them more effective emotional support to make their departure easier.

We are immortal beings and there comes a time when we transition from a human experience to an entirely spiritual experience. Those of us who can perceive life force and its changes can make that transition easier if we stay in communication with the person who is shutting down their human experience.

On the other hand, if we can perceive life force and see a friend failing to protect their life force by patiently enduring a life or work situation that drains them of life, we can work with them in a caring way to alleviate their situation and get them on a more survival path again.

There is no rule that you have to help everyone, but if you notice someone going down and restrain yourself from helping you will be paying for that omission for many lifetimes. Failing to help when you could is very destructive to your spiritual well-being and probably is the cause of lessening perceptions in future lifetimes. Increased perception brings on a higher level of responsibility. A lessening of perception and awareness reduces your level of responsibility.

If you can perceive life force and try to help someone in trouble, they may not accept your help. In that case, you will not suffer from your failure to help as long as you treat the situation as a learning experience. Your abilities will continue to increase and you will be more effective next time.

The next step in our spiritual evolution is to learn how to increase someone else’s life force and do it so well that it is a natural skill.

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Strange Things Are Happening Now That I Am Really Looking At Life Forces

Now that I have written and tested exercises about spotting and estimating Life Forces, I find my awareness of life forces has changed for the better.

It seems that I have had an ability which was on idle since I moved into this body and now it has kicked into gear and I am being made aware of life forces in a completely different way.

For example, I have a cat who has attached herself to me for the past few years and follows me from room to room. She has always wanted to be near me, but has resisted being affectionate.

I was monitoring her life force when she joined me this morning and I found myself stroking her while monitoring her life force. Somehow, I knew just how to stroke her to increase her life force and she started purring like she never had before. I was using her life force indicators to know exactly where and how to stroke her. She kept purring louder and louder and finally got up and moved away.

I realized I had increased her life force to the point she had to get up and move. There was too much life force for her to lie still anymore. I started to think about what happens when you have more life force than the body can hold comfortably. You have to move and go out and find some way to burn off the excess energy.

When I was in my physical prime, I felt I had to go sailing or skiing depending on the season every possible weekend because I had so much energy and a sedentary job. As a kid, I was always outside riding my bike or camping to burn off excess energy. When I look at healthy babies, they seem to be in perpetual motion because they have too much life force to stay still.

I always had so much life force that I took it for granted and when I was sick, which was not often, I was a completely different person. I never spent much time worrying about my life fore because it was always there when I needed it.

Now that I am 88 years old, the flow of life force is not automatic and I am acutely aware when it waxes and wanes. It is now important for me to be able to crank it up when I need it and I find my new exercises are really helping.

For those of you who are not as alive as you used to be, doing the exercises in my practical life force handbook might be a good idea. If enough of you start using the handbook and sharing wins and suggestions for new exercises, we may see a resurgence in people becoming happier and more alive.

I think that would be a good thing.

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Do Not Let Covid Keep You From Getting Counseling

I have been delivering counseling sessions to people suffering from Covid and have been obtaining unexpected relief because Covid is an extremely restimulative disease. Somehow it seems to trigger old memories of plague or group disasters in the people, including myself who have been suffering from Covid and the aftermath, Long Covid.

My sessions for Covid sufferers have been relatively short and to the point because the clients were weakened by the Covid or the Long Covid. We found that once the clusters of beings triggered by Covid were contacted and were directed to the incident that was in restimulation, they would start getting relief immediately.

Those of you who are experienced in giving yourself solo sessions might want to check for beings triggered by Covid and see if you can get them to let go of the earlier incident. Let them know they are immortal and should come to present time. Send them to a beach or other pleasant spot to ponder about life and what they are going to do next.

Handle them gently as you are just trying to wake them up and get them out of the memories that Covid has stirred up. Stop at the first sign of relief and let the client sleep if they wish. You will find that a few sessions will be all that is needed to start someone on the road to recovery.

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