There is a real barrier to sharing your insights on achieving spiritual freedom and greater personal power. You can fail to realize that your new realities are so foreign to your family and friends that they will feel you have lost your mind. They may ostracize you or have you committed to an institution for your own good.

People seek spiritual enlightenment for a variety of reasons: They are under constant stress; they are not appreciated; no one seems to listen to them; there are insurmountable barriers to achieving what they want; the list goes on and on.

They finally find a spiritual path or it finds them and things begin to change for them. They may achieve new insights or gain confidence in themselves or perhaps they are exposed to information that changes the way they look at life.

At some point, they will begin to share their new insights or experiences with others and this is where many people have run into a barrier so shocking that they may even stop reaching for enlightenment.

This phenomenon can happen whenever a new person discovers truths that have never been part of his life before. He may be so delighted with his new insights that he wants to share them with everyone. What he doesn’t realize is that if this new data were new to him, it will probably be new to his family and friends and may be so outrageous that it will shock them.

They fail to realize that their new reality could be so shocking to their friends and family that sharing it can cause a permanent upset with these formerly intimate friends and family.

The new reality can be as simple as discovering they can create their future through sheer intention, or it may be the fact that they discover that they have lived before in many different lifetimes. Some people discover that we are not alone and share our lives with spiritual companions. They have made their discovery through counseling or study and have usually come to grips with the implications of their discovery over a fairly long period of time.

When they try to share these discoveries with trusted friends and family members without the preliminary steps of providing enough background information, they will usually shock the hell out of their friends and family and this may damage a relationship so that it takes years to repair.

At the very least, the family will feel you have lost your mind and in extreme cases will insist you get counseling from an accredited professional. In the very worst cases, the person in possession of these shocking new truths will be committed to an institution so they do not infect others.

If you have embarked on a voyage of discovery, PLEASE REALIZE that the rest of your friends and family are not aboard yet. You went through a time of testing and experimentation before committing yourself to this course of enlightenment. Do not expect that your friends and family will instantly grasp the significance of your discoveries. It may take a long time or they may never seek to understand what you are doing.

You have to decide before you start whether you are learning these spiritual truths to become a better and stronger person or whether you are doing it only if your family approves of it.

If you need the approval of your family or friends to discover new truths, you are better off doing what you have always done and that is to listen to them and follow their orders.

If you are committed to learning something new, accept only that which feels right to you and make sure you understand what you hear or read. You should be achieving increased certainty as you proceed. If you encounter material that shakes your certainty, do not go further until you have resolved the issue that reduces your certainty.

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It’s Time To Get Real With Telepathy

Definition of getting real: Casting aside all of the misconceptions about telepathy.

Telepathy is the direct exchange of thoughts, You can pick up these thoughts from another being when you are in tune with that being. If you are receiving thoughts from other beings and claiming these thoughts are your own, you are setting yourself up for a confusing life. 

Let’s take a simple example and see if you can tell whether you are picking up thoughts from another being or inventing your own. Sit with your eyes close for several minutes and notice what is going on. Usually, things will quiet down for a while and then ideas and images will appear and disappear at random.

If you acknowledge the presence of a random idea as the product of another being, take notice of what happens. Usually, there is a burst of amusement or relief and the idea vanishes. If the idea is a coherent thought that aligns with something you are trying to do, there is an instant recognition of another life force at work and the feeling is pleasurable.

In Spiritual Rescue Technology, we started out by treating negative thoughts as the product of a spiritual being and sought to find the reason for these thoughts. Using caring communication, which is communication designed to raise the awareness of a being, we found that discarnate spiritual beings were often quite happy to communicate all sorts of information. They would tell us how long they had been without a body, what had happened that they decided not to have a body, and many different details about their last lifetime.

By opening communication with these beings, we were able to raise their awareness to the point that some would often decide to start a new life in a new body of their own choosing. There were many beings who were not up to running their own bodies and they would choose to exist as free spirits or ride shotgun with someone who was running a body. Riding shotgun refers to the practice of sitting alongside the driver in a moving vehicle. The phrase has been used to mean giving actual or figurative support or aid to someone in a situation.

From my observations, I would estimate that there are dozens of beings riding shotgun with every being running and animating a body. Each of these beings can be giving advice and directions to the being who thinks he is running the body. Each of you readers are receiving a constant stream of telepathic messages about what you are doing, what you are seeing, and what to do next.

If you take responsibility for managing these beings and their streams of data, you are capable of great things. You are like the conductor of an orchestra who controls the production of music. You don’t play an instrument, you get others to produce the effects you wish to create. When this happens, you are telepathically connected to the spirits making up your composite personality.

Those who deny the possibility that telepathy exists have created an unsolvable problem for themselves. They end up with all sorts of thoughts and behavior patterns they cannot easily control. If you have a tendency to lie or to fly off the handle at insults, you have no fast way of correcting these behaviors. You just have to “do your best” and try to avoid doing antisocial things. If you find yourself doing activities that are not aligned with your goals and purposes, you are being controlled by these beings and you will not be able to resist them until you recognize they exist. 

When you see a loving husband who thinks of himself as a good family man pursuing an attractive woman for purposes unmentionable, you are seeing these beings at work. He will switch from husband mode to bachelor on the prowl without realizing he has lost control of himself and his life. I have experienced this phenomenon personally and have helped clients who experienced the same. When it occurs, it is as though someone else has taken over their personality and that is exactly what has happened. 

Recognizing thoughts that are not yours is the first step in taking control of your life. Learning to communicate with these spirits in a caring way is the next step in managing your spiritual existence. Studying Spiritual Rescue Technology and using its processes to manage your spiritual companions can bring you to the point where you are in control of your spiritual life and can recruit spirits to assist you as needed.

When I am talking to someone and I bring up a matter that pushes their buttons, I get an immediate reaction from the beings surrounding them. Quite often, this reaction is not from the person and is only from the beings who have been triggered. I can ask a person, “How would you like to have your own business?” and will get a negative reaction. I can get the same reaction if I ask, “What would happen if you could double your income?” In each case, there is a positive reaction from the person and a fearful reaction from the beings accompanying the person. Using telepathy and Spiritual Rescue Technology I can find the reason the beings are fearful and am able to restore their free will. At that point, they are free to leave or to help the person who is running the body.

I can get a person to channel telepathic communication quite easily if they are willing to do so. Getting them to recognize telepathic communication and to originate responses on their own is more difficult. Discussing telepathy with someone who has been trained to fear spirits and all things spiritual is a waste of time for you and will probably cause them to become hostile if you continue. I have total certainty on this and recommend you associate with people whose interests align with your own.

If you use your telepathic ability instead of ignoring it, you will sense when someone is responsive to your ideas and you will also become aware if others have beings surrounding them who are controlling them and are hostile to you. Associate with the first group and politely avoid the second group and your life will be much happier. 

Eventually you will learn that you can communicate with any living thing and your awareness will expand to embrace more of the world than you ever expected.

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“Glory Days” and the inexorable progression of games

Are you still stuck in a win?

The Bruce Springsteen song Glory Days captures our nostalgia for times when we were young and strong and successful in some extraordinary way. If we still mention those glory days, it is a poignant reminder of our current inability to recreate the magic of those moments.

If this is the case, we are stuck in a win and cannot adjust to the realities of our current existence because no matter how we frame it, in our minds, our present career and life do not give us the admiration we received during our glory days.

A possible way to unstick ourselves from past glory days is to look at the different games we choose to play during our lifetime and see how one is always replaced by the next. Life is a series of games, each with its own rules, teammates, goals, and opponents. Sports are obvious games, but education is another game, and so is marriage, and so is a career. Some games last a long time and are played simultaneously and others are played intensively for a few years and give way to replacement games.

Games become important in school where winners get admiration and approval from others. Physical prowess gives a person an edge in almost all of the games that are played in school and the social rewards are significant.

Once we leave school, the games become more varied, and social skills and specialized knowledge become the keys to success and glory although there is still a place for athletes of extraordinary ability. The games we play involve larger teams and higher stakes and there is so much glory in winning that these games attract highly talented players.

One of the important things to learn is that you can always choose not to play a particular game. There are always alternate games with different playing fields, different rules, which can still earn you the admiration you seek from being a winner in the game.

Playing a game you are not suited for will usually end up in disappointment. Picking a game in which you have a natural advantage makes it more likely that you will succeed in garnering rewards and admiration.

You need to realize that most games require high levels of skill and stamina and that your participation in any game has a natural duration dependent on the level of mental and physical performance you can maintain. Thus, your game participation is finite and one should always be preparing for the next game to come.

The high school football player should be prepared for college football or the transition to professional studies. The high school cheerleader should be prepared for a similar transition to other games. In college, or work, or a professional career there should always be an awareness that there will be another game following this one. If every game is played as a stepping stone to the next game, there is less chance of becoming stuck in your “glory days”

At some point, you may even become a “maker of games” and create opportunities for others to have careers and interesting and productive lives. Once you attain this viewpoint, you are truly free of the constraints imposed when you play other people’s games. You are no longer a “PLAYER”, you become a “GAME MAKER” which is a higher order of game indeed.

You can enter this state of becoming a “game maker” at almost any age. You devise a game where others play and if you make it so your teammates keep winning, the game can grow to incredible proportions.

The final point to remember is that there is always another game coming up. Have a great time playing your present game, but be prepared to shift gears and get on with the new game when it presents itself.

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Are You Willing To Let Spirits Help You?

Or Are You Only Looking For Demons?

You can contact spirits who want to be your guardian angels and you can contact demons who will destroy your sanity and your life. The choice is yours and there are no guard rails to keep you from wandering off into the dark abyss and losing your way if your intentions are destructive.

Some people have told me that talking to spirits is a dangerous practice because their minister or priest has warned them about contacting demons. Do you know that Steven King has made a fortune channeling demonic ideas? Where do you think these ideas came from? In addition, where do you think HP Lovecraft got his frightening stories from? On the other hand, where do you think that Milton got his inspiration for Paradise Lost or Beethoven got the inspiration for his Ninth Symphony?

The spiritual realm is an infinitely complex collection of ideas and intentions and they can all be contacted if you access the Akashic Records and ask for inspiration. If you are looking for help in creating a work of great beauty, you will get ideas that can bring tears to your eyes. If your purpose is to create beauty and to help others, you will find inspiration that will transform your life and enable you to bring peace and understanding to those who value it.

If you are looking for inspiration to wreak havoc on someone and destroy all they have ever created you will also find what you are looking for in the spiritual realm. Using this information for such a purpose will destroy you, of course, and warp your personality to the point that you will become unrecognizable to friends and family, but you can accomplish your goal if that is your purpose.

You can find anything you want in the spiritual realm and that is probably why well-meaning ministers and priests seek to warn you away from accessing that information. Accessing the spiritual realm will enable you to heal others mentally and physically and perform feats that others may consider miracles. You can also access the spiritual realm and uncover ways to make life a torment for others. The information is there for every purpose under the sun and your intention will determine what you find and how you use it.

Some of this information is in passive form as images and memories which you can inspect and select what you wish to learn. Other information is presented to you by spirits who are awake and aware of you and transmit images and ideas as they see fit. Sometimes you will be inspecting some remote site, like an ancient temple, and you will suddenly become aware of a being or a set of beings you have woken up and they may lash out at you for disturbing them. Idly exploring the spirit realm is not recommended as you may encounter beings who are trapped in some painful incident and are not ready to greet visitors. Some parts of the spirit world are similar to Dante’s Inferno with its Nine Circles Of Hell. You really do not want to visit these memories unless you have a definite need for this information.

Every memory of everything that has ever been done, whether sublime, incredibly evil, or amazingly stupid, is available in the spiritual realm. If you know what you are looking for and are prepared to use it, you will get the result you expect. Just be aware that using this data for destructive purposes will debase you in the process of carrying out your destructive activity. As an immortal being who once had far greater powers than you do now, it would be prudent not to do anything that would debase you or degrade you further.

If you look through the Akashic Records for the reasons you have fallen from a higher state to the one you are in now, you will probably find that destroying others was the primary reason for the loss of ability and power. We are still looking for ways to reverse the dwindling spiral of life as we pass from one human existence to the next, but it appears that failing to help others is one of the contributing factors.

When you contact the spirit realm, you will encounter spirits who desire to assist you. If you are doing work that they can help you with and you let them assist you, they will benefit and you will also. You will get useful ideas and suggestions and they will get recognition for their contributions. It has been written that production is the basis of morale and you will find that allowing your spiritual companions to help you produce will raise their awareness and their ability to get things done. It may even rehabilitate their desire to experience a human existence again. It will certainly raise their emotional tone level and yours also.

Exploring the spirit realm is an adventure like no other. It takes courage and a worthwhile purpose, but the rewards for exploring this realm and using the data wisely are extraordinary. Your life will be transformed and you will achieve new levels of existence.

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