It is important to remember that admiration is a spiritual power.
It is one of the many activities beyond the five human senses, but it creates amazing effects, like the increasing of life force in the recipient.
If you would like the people and other living things you see every day to be more alive, all you have to do is to admire them.
I invite you to admire those people and other living things you interact with for a week and then let me know in the comments what has happened to them and to your relationship with them


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Our Human Experience Is Shot Through With Lies

There are many definitions of a lie. One of the most useful definitions says A lie is a second postulate, statement, or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain. The usual definition is a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

Gerrie Oliver, an old friend of mine, asked me a series of questions about spiritual beings and their lies, and this started me thinking about how our entire human experience is a collection of interlocking lies and what this does to control us.

First of all, we are not human beings. We are spiritual beings having a human or other experience in a living body. We are all spirits having a human experience to get all of the incredible sensations that having a living body gives us. The body acts as an amplifier. 

After we do this many times, we pretend we ARE the body, and that is the first lie. After that lie, the rest is easy. We forget we are playing the human game and think we ARE human. We characterize our spiritual experiences as unusual phenomena that happen to our bodies. We manage to bury the memory that we are spirits or souls, and we operate entirely as if our only identity was that of a body with a name and a history.

We have even managed to hide our immortality with the lie that we die when the body dies, and we go off to other places named Heaven or Hell, when in fact, most of us hang around as invisible spirits and interact with spirits who are running live bodies. Those who can perceive spirits are scorned and called frauds and fakers because scientists can’t measure spirits with material means.

While we are enjoying our human existence, we create stories for ourselves to explain our origins and purposes, and we have created invisible sources of knowledge we call gods. Mankind was not created by gods, Gods were an invention of mankind. There are spirits of all levels of ability, and they are probably spread throughout the universe. The more powerful spirits have been immortalized in stories throughout history and they may be the starting point for some of the legends and beliefs about gods.

There have been many questions raised about life on other planets and whether alien visitors will be visiting Earth. A simple review of enough spiritual counseling sessions will reveal that we all came from other planets and that civilizations have existed elsewhere for millions of years. Whether these civilizations are more advanced than on Earth remains to be seen, but linking up with them in the future is something we can look forward to. If these other civilizations do not use living bodies, they may have better memories of their past than we do.

Since we, on Earth, are immortal spirits occupying living bodies, we seem to have chosen to forget earlier bodies and earlier lifetimes except in extraordinary cases. This was probably a survival practice. Having a full set of earlier memories and personality traits as a very young child could be distressing to the adults trying to rear the child and might even result in harm to the child who acts like an adult with adult knowledge and skills.

Forgetting all of your earlier lives and living as a new person gives you a fresh start for each new life. It also keeps the spiritual being from being bored with life as a human being over and over again. This also helps conceal the fact that we are actually a group of beings running the body as a single personality, which is the biggest lie of all.

So, here we are, a group of immortal spirits bound together by forgotten agreements, running a body which is also composed of many spirits operating in concert, and we had forgotten that we are spirits and whatever mission we had when we started this body game. There are so many lies interwoven that there is little chance that we will ever wake up and resume our existence as solitary beings.

However, there is some hope that we can play a better game if we understand just why we started the meat body game and assumed the role of human beings. Our current research seems to indicate that if we just go back to remembering we are spirits having a human experience, the lies will just drop away.

Spiritual Rescue Technology provides us with the tools to communicate with our spirits and to resolve the issues we created to give ourselves a game as living human beings.

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Introduction To The Real Cycle Of Life

Those of you who have been raised in a typical Earth planet culture have been taught about the human life cycle, which starts with conception and passes through various stages of body growth until reaching a final stage of dying and death. This is an observable cycle and can be seen in every human, animal, and plant body. So, it is not surprising that we think this is the actual cycle of life. It is not the real story at all.

If you have been actually observing your abilities and your environment, you may have become aware that there are many activities that exist beyond the five senses of a human body. We have called these activities spiritual activities because they cannot be observed by physical or mechanical means. We can only measure their effect on our bodies or on the material universe.

Some of the more common of these spiritual activities are intentions, attention, admiration, purposes, goals, imagination, creative thought, mental images, and emotions. These are all functions of the spirit, not of a meat body or of inert matter.

The real story of our existence is that we are spiritual beings who are currently having a human experience.

We are immortal spiritual beings with memories that go way back before recorded history and way before bodies of any kind. We pick up a body, and we use it to play the game of life, and when it wears out, we leave it and pick up another body to continue the game of life as another identity.

This is true for all living things. We tend to pick up human bodies and play the game of life as a human, but there are many other possibilities that we will not go into here.

A spirit can think and create and experience some sensations, but for maximum sensations, a spirit needs to inhabit and manage a body. A spirit usually tends to treat each body as a brand new existence and represses the memories of earlier existences. This is probably done to make the game of life easier.

By treating each “lifetime” as a new and independent experience, the spirit gives himself the illusion of a brand new game. We can only guess at the confusion that might exist if a baby retained all of the experiences, good and bad, of a previous life. Correcting a parent’s mistakes is difficult enough when the child is an adolescent. It might be fatal at an earlier age.

At the present time, most spirits treat each human existence as a separate and unique life. As we become more aware of our spiritual identity, we may be able to expand our knowledge and control of our human life cycle.

Understanding Spiritual Rescue Technology will give you a new appreciation of your spiritual abilities.

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Almost 86 Times Around The Sun – Reaching Another Inflection Point

In a few more days, this body will have completed 86 circuits around the sun, and it feels like we are settling into a new and even more interesting routine, now that we have a better understanding of what we are doing and what has been happening in our life.

I have finally realized that I am a spiritual being having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience. There is a vast difference between those two viewpoints.

As a spirit having a human experience, I am aware of my immortality and of the choices I made to adopt this particular identity. I am also aware of the reason I chose to occupy a body rather than roam free through the material universe.

When I was only aware of myself as a human being, I had glimpses of my spirituality, but I viewed myself as a male body with certain physical and intellectual assets, and I worked very hard to capitalize on those assets and achieve goals I thought were worthwhile.

I am sure that my path of discovery is not yet complete, so I view this particular discovery as just one more of the inflection points in my life as David St Lawrence. At each major inflection point, something happened that altered my actions and personality and took my life in a new direction.

Since I am not the only person who has experienced these inflection points where life begins to move in a different direction, I thought I might share of few of mine, in the hopes that this will be helpful to those of you who have experienced them or about to experience another one. I think it is important to know that I did not purposely instigate any of these inflection points. They occurred when I became aware of something I did not know before. In other words, I would have a realization, and once that occurred, I could not proceed with my life as before.

This is not a complete list by any means, but these are the major inflection points that have led me to this present moment and state of mind.

  1. Entering U Mass in 1952 and being on my own for the first time at 18 yrs old. Joining a fraternity and being exposed to a totally different lifestyle with different values.
  2. Joining a startup in Cambridge Mass in 1957 and finished my college education, and ended up working for RCA and later Honeywell as a computer design engineer.
  3. Moved to Florida in 1968 to work for another startup and ended up becoming a founder of a minicomputer company.
  4. Achieved the American dream, at 34 years old, with a happy marriage, three children, and an enormous home with a large enclosed swimming pool. I was an elder in my local church and active in local politics and still felt incomplete. Somehow, I felt that religion of some sort was the answer, just not the congregational church I was in.
  5. Discovered spiritualism in 1975 and started realizing that there were many things I was not yet aware of.
  6. Was introduced to Scientology in 1976 and felt it offered answers I was looking for. 
  7. Stayed active in the Church of Scientology for 20 years while being actively employed as a corporate executive.
  8. I was quite spiritually aware, as a result of receiving advanced training and counseling in Scientology, and I realized that the Church of Scientology had become a cult and left it in 1996 to rejoin corporate life in the Silicon Valley area. 
  9. I finally retired in 2001, and we moved to Virginia, where I resumed my counseling practice at the request of several former clients.
  10. Starting in 2010, I developed a technology for communicating with spirits that almost anyone could do with a little study and I used this technology to help clients all over the world.
  11. The major inflection point that occurred during this decade was the discovery that we are not alone as spirits and are actually operating as a group of active spirits projecting a unified personality. To put it succinctly, we are composite beings running bodies with the assistance of spirit guides.
  12. Once we become aware of our spiritual companions and actively communicate with them on a regular basis, our understanding of the spiritual aspects of our lives continues to expand with no further attention on our part. We are presented with a problem, and our spiritual companions provide solutions without our asking for them.
  13. At this point, it becomes impossible to ignore the fact that our human existence is a small part of what we thought it was. At every instant, we are being presented with information about our past as spiritual beings with an infinitely long history. 
  14. Discovering that our human existence is a series of roles we choose to play to gain new experiences.

If you have come to a point where your life seems to have lost its meaning, I can probably help you find the answers that are right for you. It may be a matter of rediscovering old goals you have abandoned, or it may be a matter of increasing your awareness of your innate abilities and helping you take the first steps to establish new goals for your future.

Inflection points in your life can occur at any time. They can occur at times when all is lost and at times when you have accomplished everything you set out to do and its time to take off in another direction.

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