Why you need to master solo SRT sessions – Handling Writer’s Block

Have you ever heard of writers block? Here is a definition from Wikipedia which may give you some ideas:

Writer’s block is a condition, primarily associated with writing, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work, or experiences a creative slowdown. The condition ranges in difficulty from coming up with original ideas to being unable to produce a work for years. Throughout history, writer’s block has been a documented problem.

It will never be a problem for someone who understands Spiritual Rescue Technology.

How in the world can you run out of ideas when you have thousands of beings in your vicinity to draw upon? The most likely reason for writer’s block or any other creative block is that you think you are doing your creative activity by yourself and you have never acknowledged the spiritual help you have been getting. It is totally OK to assume that all of your thoughts are your own, until the day that you find that your creativity has dried up because you did not give credit where credit was due.

If you have been creative and have encountered what is called writers block, you may have been the recipient of a flood of creative ideas and your task was mainly to pick out the best to put into action. If you get an incorrect idea of your own contribution and believe you were the be all and end all of this creative flood, you will come down hard when your spiritual companions go on a break.

Solo Spiritual Rescue Technology (SRT) sessions enable you to learn how to communicate with the spirits who surround you. If you can communicate with someone, you can help them and they can help you.

If you are only pretending or hoping to communicate with spirits, you are missing out on the sheer joy of discovering how much fun the spiritual connection can be. Daily solo sessions help you sharpen your spiritual communication skills until you begin to recognize that many of the thoughts that drift across your consciousness are being shared with you by other beings.

The simplest form of solo SRT session is to sit down with pen and paper and clear your mind and ask your spirits for suggestions. Write down every thought that crosses your mind until the flow of thoughts stops. This practice has been in use for hundreds of years and has been called automatic writing or spirit writing. It is one of the simplest ways for your spiritual partners to communicate with you.

There is much more that can be learned about solo sessions and this will be covered in some videos I am about to release. Until then, search the SRT Discussion Group on Facebook for more details about solo sessions and creating ideal scenes.

David St Lawrence

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Entity Contributions – An Excerpt From The 6-18-17 Spiritual Rescue Technology Webinar

This is the first of a new series of short videos on specific aspects of our relationship with our spiritual partners. What happens when you fail to acknowledge the beings who are contributing to your talents

Some of your special talents may be provided by helpful spiritual beings. If you ignore their contributions and take credit for what they are providing, you may be in for a world of hurt when they stop supporting you. This is an excerpt of the 6-18-17 webinar on New Frontiers in Spiritual Rescue Technology.


To see the full webinar use this link: https://player.vimeo.com/video/222126924

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Admiration is motivating and uplifting. When you admire someone, you empower them to do things they might not otherwise be able to do. You can actually change their life for the better.

Admiration can be directed at people, animals, plants and spiritual beings with positive results. People who understand the power of admiration can be very successful in leading groups, handling animals and causing plants to flourish. People who can admire spiritual beings have the ability to influence events in the spiritual realm as well.

Admiring others is a positive creation. Admiration creates its own reality and this reality can clash with and overcome reality based on group agreement. Admiration does not require approval from the group to create its effects.

Here are some useful definitions of admiration:
1. Respect and warm approval.
2. Pleasurable contemplation.
3. The act of adoring or loving.

Admiring another person can cause mutual admiration which is one of the strongest spiritual forces in existence. Mutual admiration can create a reality that is not shared by anyone outside the group. This does not make it a totally sane practice because it must be accompanied by rational analysis. Admiring someone without looking and knowing what the other person really is capable of can be a disaster for those involved – it will not be maintained and the break in admiration will be very painful.

Can you admire yourself? Certainly! It is one requirement for self worth. If you do things to uplift others and you are true to your own goals, you have every reason to admire what you are doing. If you are doing things to improve your life and the lives of those who depend on you, you have every reason to admire yourself and those who support you. It is desirable to be admirable, but not desirable to need and crave admiration. If you are admirable and do admirable things, you will be able to admire yourself and will be proof against false accusations.

If you can admire yourself for what you are accomplishing, you are proof against those who seek to make less of you and what you are trying to do.

If you are having difficulty admiring yourself and what you are doing, the solution is quite simple. You need to handle all of the reasons you stopped admiring yourself. How did you stop admiring yourself? Here are a few of the most common reasons:
By making a mistake and sticking to it by being right.
By blaming oneself for past actions that have not been fully examined
By acting on false data and not discovering that fact
By not handling the confusions in your life
By not taking responsibility for your actions

You may have been taught that admiring yourself and your actions is wrong and prideful and a lot of other things, but self-abnegation is one of the tools that societies use to make you debase yourself and submit to so-called higher authority. If you are not admiring yourself, you need to remedy that situation promptly and you do that by handling all of the reasons you stopped admiring yourself. There are many different methodologies for restoring your self image and power but Spiritual Rescue Technology is one of the fastest and most effective.

Admiration is motivating and uplifting. If you can find something to admire in those who seek to oppose you, you will encourage the behavior you admire and will become a positive influence upon the other person’s actions. It has been said that an absence of admiration will cause actions and conditions to persist. It may not be a case of admiring what they are doing, but what they are trying to accomplish.

Lack of admiration can drive people to demand admiration by force. Enforced admiration (enforced respect) degrades the enforcer and the subject of enforcement. What happens to you when someone stops admiring you? It can feel like someone is turning off your energy. You can feel a major loss and that will change your behavior

What stops you from admiring something or someone? The being you have admired has stopped their admirable behavior

You can learn more about about admiration through exercises and personal experiments than through reading endless scientific observations, most of which are based on studies of blood circulation in the brain.

When you learn how to freely admire others and yourself, you will be well on your way to achieving higher states of awareness. Those who are doing this recommend it highly.

David St Lawrence

These are excerpts from my Webinar on Admiration dated 5-28/17. The video recording of the webinar can be seen at https://vimeo.com/219460506

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SRT is a Technology, Not Magic

A technology is a scientific method of achieving a practical purpose.

Spiritual Rescue Technology, SRT, is a scientific method of communicating with spiritual beings and releasing them from bad decisions they made under stress.

Every aspect of Spiritual Rescue Technology has been proven workable and produces repeatable results in session after session. There is nothing mysterious about SRT processing although it is a highly advanced technology. Almost any person who is not in a permanent hypnotic state can be taught to do SRT processing.

Magic is defined as the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Another useful definition of Magic is: the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen.

According the Arthur C, Clarke’s Third Law, any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic (at least to those who are uninformed).

Some people exposed to SRT processing get the idea that SRT is magic because it changes things that have resisted every other form of therapy they have tried. Once they have had a miraculous result, they fully expect that this result will last for ever and always. When their problem returns, they are hugely disappointed and go off to find a more magical solution.

SRT is a technology with predictable results. It is not magic which produces happy endings with credits scrolling up past the final happy scenes.




If you get a great result using SRT processing on an area of your life, we expect you to keep using it until the area is completely handled and remains stable for a long period of time. If you get a flare up of that area at some future time, you look and see what has changed in the person’s life and see if they have picked up some new spiritual beings who are causing trouble.

If you get yourself dirty in life, you wash yourself off using soap and water. You do not expect that washing yourself once will handle all future exposure to dirt.

Spiritual Rescue Technology produces predictable results time after time with everyone it has been applied to. Expecting that one dab of SRT will do you for the rest of your life, is unrealistic and misleading. Some of you have spent a lifetime getting yourself into the state you are in. Surely you can invest some time in repairing the damage. Give yourself a chance to see how far SRT will help you recover your joy in life.

Twenty to thirty SRT sessions may be required to handle persistent undesirable attitudes and physical conditions. Those who have done this many sessions are not the same people they were before. The results may seem magical to outside observers, but they are a result of carefully applied spiritual technology to get expected results time after time.

A combination of SRT counseling and solo sessions can keep a person enthusiastically responding to the challenges of life for as long as he or she wishes. You can do yourself a favor and change your life with daily solo and weekly SRT sessions as long as you wish. The joyful exuberance of living at the top of your potential is worth the effort.

David St Lawrence

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