Seeking Retribution Is Self Destructive

There is a certain fierce joy in striking back at those who have wronged you and getting revenge for the damage you have suffered seems like the epitome of justice, but this will practically guarantee that you will end up emotionally crippled and embittered for the rest of your life.


I had always felt that the biblical advice to turn the other cheek in the face of being harmed was well-meaning nonsense, as I could not make sense of it. After talking to thousands of spirits and hearing their stories, I finally realized that any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction.

You are surrounded by spirits and you attract spirits according to your emotional state. If you are happy and try to live a positive life, you will attract cheerful spirits and they will provide support in your endeavors.

If you choose a life of retribution and punishment for the evil you have received, you are enlisting beings with deep experience in blaming and punishing others. How can one reach a peaceful state of mind when you are filled with anger? What kind of spirits are you pulling in on a daily basis? Consider what happens when your mind is filled with thoughts of getting even with someone. Who is going to show up to help you? If you do not shift to a lighter mood and develop positive thoughts, you are likely to pull in an evil spirit to help you plan your revenge. Every evil movement I have studied started by getting even for past humiliations and injuries received.

I have seen people change for the better when they received the right spiritual counseling, but I have also seen many of these people revert to a downward trend when they used their new abilities to punish others or to seek retribution for some injuries they received. 

It seems like a good cause when you decide to fight evil, but you are choosing a dark path when you do so because your efforts are intended to harm the evil doers, not rehabilitate them. Any effort to increase your awareness will involve you holding yourself back from doing further evil. Little by little, you lose your ability to create desirable effects of any kind. This is where you are now.

If you want your next life to work out better than this one, I strongly suggest you avoid destructive ways of dealing with people. Seek always to rehabilitate the spirits you encounter, whether they are wearing bodies or not. Try following this simple rule:

Any cause that involves punishing others instead of rehabilitating them will drag you inexorably down the path to self-destruction.

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This is being written for the spirits who surround you and for those of you who realize that you are immortal. You have forgotten some vital data over the years. If you really think you are not immortal, you are hosed, and reading this may only confuse you.

Victim: One who is harmed by or made to suffer under a circumstance or condition.

You are an immortal being who has lived hundreds of thousands of human lifetimes and has experienced and died in almost every possible combination of threatening environments. How do you manage to reincarnate in another human body and suffer victimhood again? You may be suffering from a hypnotic command that you are sinful and deserve to live in misery and shame. That was a popular implant and has kept populations in misery for uncounted centuries. You can get that handled with spiritual counseling.

On the other hand, you might be aware of the risk of being a victim and are hoping that it will be different this time. You are willing to reincarnate into an environment where you do not know the rules again.

Entering a game where you do not know the rules or the boundaries will guarantee that you will become a victim and suffer the consequences. The game here is the animation of a human body and the prize is the collecting of the multiple senses that the body provides. A spirit can sense emotions, sounds, and forces on its own, but a meat body acts as an amplifier because each cell is animated by a spirit and the effect of wearing a meat body is to multiply senses by a million-fold over what a single isolated spirit can experience. This torrent of sensory information is addictive and a spirit animating a body does not want to give this up, thus the choice of a body affects the spirit’s entire human existence.

If you are a spirit who is adventurous enough to animate a human body, this is how you can guarantee that you will not experience victimhood. Remember that you get to choose the body and the circumstances of assuming control. If this latter statement is not real for you, get some spiritual counseling, preferably Spiritual Rescue Technology counseling.

  1. Carefully choose the location where you will assume control of the body. Do not assume control of a body in a war zone, in a crime-riddled ghetto, or in the path of a natural disaster. If you do so, your life span may be measured in minutes or hours. Choosing to animate a body in a threatening third-world environment will give you a challenge you may not be able to overcome.
  2. Choosing a body born in a wild and rustic environment may seem romantic, but if this is not your family’s choice of environment, you may find life much harder than necessary.
  3. Carefully choose the family of the body you are interested in animating. Avoid starving single mothers, pregnant women in prison, and mothers with a drug habit. You may wish to protect a baby born to a woman who is beaten regularly, but you are volunteering to be a victim. Choose a mother and father who are loving and kind for the best possible start for your next human existence.
  4. Your choice of a body to animate determines the gender and race you will assume for this next lifetime. Careless choices made in haste can make you unhappy for an entire lifetime. If you do not determine the health of the body you are about to assume, you may be assuming a responsibility greater than you expect.
  5. These next are suggestions for choices to avoid which you can ignore at your peril. Choosing parents to get revenge on them. Choosing a mother or father on their intelligence alone. Choosing wealthy parents without regard for how they conduct themselves or treat others.
  6. Choosing a parent you have known and loved before is usually a safe bet, but you need to consider the other parent if one exists. I have encountered many counseling clients who chose wisely in terms of one parent but failed to notice that the other parent would be a serious threat or source of trouble.
  7. You are immortal and assuming responsibility for a body that may already have expectations for its behavior and purpose in life. If you do not find out about these expectations and agree with them, you are dooming yourself to be a victim from birth. Royal families are not the only families who have plans for the next generation. Being born into a family of thieves or other criminals will saddle you with expectations that may not match yours.
  8. Do not shut off all memory of your previous lives. Try to remember the good bits, especially the skills. The more skills you can retain from your previous lives, the easier the next life will be.

If you wish to avoid reincarnating as a victim, learn all you can about your past lives and the lessons you have learned, and choose your new parents carefully. You may wish to delay reincarnation until civilization has settled down and is less dangerous, but that is your decision and depends on your desire to help move civilization along as a participating member, regardless of risk.

To avoid becoming a victim, learn the rules and agreements of the society you wish to be born into and chose a family who can help you play a positive part in that civilization. Staying in close communication with your spiritual companions will assist you in making that happen.

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Spiritual Rescue Technology Is Not An Option

If you do not have a full understanding of your current spiritual condition, you are continually at risk of losing everything you have created. You can strive to be good and to help others, but you are surrounded by forces that can bring you to ruin if you do not know how to handle them.

You have beings who are trying to help you in the same way your mother was trying to help you. You also have beings who are trying to help you get into mischief with no regard for the consequences. On this planet at least, you are haunted and you need to be able to deal with that.


These beings influence you continually and can take control of your actions if you are not aware of the sources of your impulses to do certain things. Prayer may help, but even fervently religious individuals find themselves doing shameful things that they frantically attempt to repress.

I was doing research today about the author of many incredible and inspiring books. He is slightly younger than I am and he has thousands of followers and has an inspiring message about the timeless path to enlightenment which he is still delivering. He has also served a three-year jail sentence for sexually molesting one of his followers, an incident which he cannot recall. This activity was so unlike his normal actions that everyone just closes their eyes and takes him at face value.

As a professional SRT counselor, I am aware that this can happen to anyone and they are helpless to prevent it if they do not understand who is doing this to them and aren’t in communication with their spiritual companions and spirit guides. Since this spiritual leader does not know what happened and has not handled his randy spiritual companions, he can find himself in trouble in the future.

All too often, when a person in serious trouble claims. ”The Devil made me do it!” they were possessed and controlled by some spirit who took control of them for the occasion. Repentance and prayer are no protection against committing the same offense again. The only real solution is to spot the beings causing the incident and handle them so they do not pose a problem thereafter.

At some point in the future, it may be possible to offer SRT counseling for lawbreakers so they can break the endless chain of destructive actions that eventually destroy them. Promoting SRT as the answer to unwanted and destructive behavior may be a good start to creating a saner society.

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It Is Necessary To Be Aware Of Evil But Do Not Wallow In It

I am proud to know those of you who are constantly detecting and fighting evil, but I need to have you look at how you are managing your crusades. Crusaders and whistleblowers are essential for the preservation of liberty and real justice for all so take a good look at your life force and notice whether it is waxing or waning. If you are conducting your campaigns and your life in such a way that you are angry most of the time, you are seriously affecting your health and your sanity as well.

Medieval knight over stormy sky.

A steady diet of observing and reporting on evil will put you into an emotional tone level that is not prosurvival and the reason is that this activity ATTRACTS spirits who are into rage and frustration, etc. Your emotions and your health are affected by the spirits you attract and you attract spirits who are interested in what you are doing. That is why any activity which focuses on revenge or punishment will turn you into a sour and unhappy individual in time.

If your mission in life is to keep track of insanities and evil doings, you need to learn how to do this with a calm and positive attitude so that you can accomplish the change you desire without damaging yourself healthwise or emotionally.

If you can add some hilarity or even some sardonic humor to your observations, you may find that life will become more appealing. You might even consider looking for the amusing things about each disaster and be able to report on them without going down-tone. This is not easy but we attract spirits based on what we are reading and writing about. 

If you want to be accompanied by courageous and light-hearted spirits, vary your attitude and your reading habits. If you have ever looked at long-time Scientology critics, you will see what I mean. It has been a long time since any of them smiled and they look older than they should. They have damaged themselves fighting the insanity of Scientology in the way they have chosen. If they can find a way to lighten up, they could restore their original spirit of play and be healthier as well. The few who have kept a positive attitude while exposing the rot seem to be much healthier and are more fun to observe as well.

Those who are not fighting the Church but are still fighting their memories of the church are often in the same state. Images of evil treatment do not fade away without positive and caring counseling. People often get counseling for themselves but are unaware that most of the charge they feel is due to the emotional distress their spiritual companions have endured. My estimate as a long-time Spiritual Rescue Technology counselor is that at least 80% of your upset is due to upset spirit guides and other spiritual companions.

If you still are upset with your Scientology experience or with any other cult experience, you should see if solo sessions using my Solo Handbook will reduce your upset. If this is not a solution for you, message me at and we can set up a free introductory session.

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