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Bush mountain bikes with Wounded Warriors

Re-posted from The Right Scoop on Apr 26, 2011 in Politics George W. Bush is going on a 12 mile mountain bike in Texas with soldiers who were wounded in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan to help raise awareness for … Continue reading

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Michael Yon’s photo letter about his search for the Jungle Twins

Michael has distinguished himself as a war correspondent because he brings us the inside stories of the people involved on the front lines. His uniquely personal point of view has fascinated those of us who value the truth even when … Continue reading

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Do Americans Care about British Soldiers?

Michael Yon has written another powerful dispatch. A young British soldier was shot and critically wounded in Afghanistan while Michael was using his satellite phone nearby. Michael covers the amazing effort that the American Military put into action to save … Continue reading

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Searching for “The Best We’ve Got”

SSG Terry Townsend is one of the many U.S. troops currently serving in Iraq, and he sent me an email 6 hours ago asking about an article written by Ralph Peters, in which Ralph wrote: Far from the crude babykiller … Continue reading

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