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People Can Be Hard To Help – Wait For Them to Ask For It First

We just spent the recent weekend talking about not inflicting your current reality on those who might become upset. Less then sixteen hours later, I was presented with a real life example of how this works. I was approached for … Continue reading

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Free Workshop – Some Ways to Make Others Happy

  1. Please read Try Making Others Happy before going on. 2. Refresh your memory on what Caring Communication is and what it does. Caring Communication is the exchange of information between living beings with the intent to help the … Continue reading

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Webinar 3-24-19 – If Present Time Is Boring And Uncomfortable, How Do We Change The Rules?

One remedy for an unpleasant present time existence is to read a book and go elsewhere. Another remedy is to have a drink or drug that takes you attention elsewhere. However, your best chance to change your future is to … Continue reading

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Free Workshop 3-23-19 Living and Working In Present Time

Lets start with the usual assumption that present time means what is happening right now. If that is a reasonable assumption, then putting attention on the past or future should mean going out of present time. If we are trying … Continue reading

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