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Workshop 3-7-20 – Using Your Spiritual Companions To Create A New Career

Your spiritual companions can open new doors for you in a number of different areas. In the past, I concentrated on helping students to become counselors and had even run an SRT Counselors Academy for a year. Most of the … Continue reading

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Workshop and Webinar On Your Special Abilities 2-29-2020 and 3-1-2020

We have spent much of the last few years covering how spirits affect us and how we can communicate with them and recruit them as guides and helpers. It is now time to focus on the special abilities we have … Continue reading

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Don’t Invalidate Your Special Abilities

I am sure that most of you can look back and remember times when things just went right and it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. You wanted something or wished for something and it just showed … Continue reading

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Free Workshop – Saturday 6-22-19 – Understanding Help

You have probably noticed that it is very hard to help some people and when you experience a failure in this regard, it wreaks havoc on your ability to control your life. In this workshop we are going to pool … Continue reading

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