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What Agreements Are You Willing To Break ?

According to the dictionary, an agreement is a formal decision about future action that is made by two or more countries, groups, or people. Agreement to a course of action means allowing it to happen or giving it your approval. … Continue reading

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Some Cautions About Mind-Expanding Drugs

If you were merely a single spirit animating a body, taking mind-expanding drugs would only unlock your buried past-life memories and heighten your awareness of other spirits. Other than the enhancement of many painful and exciting memories, you would probably … Continue reading

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Free SRT Sessions For The Holidays – The Reluctance Rundown Pilot Program!

I have had another counseling breakthrough occur and I want to make sure my discovery applies to many people rather than just a few. If I can package this for general use, I will call it the Reluctance Rundown because … Continue reading

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I Am Extending My Special Counseling Deal

Our economic situation is getting worse, not better, so I am doing my part to prepare my clients to take advantage of any opportunities that may appear. My reason? Economic downturns always produce new opportunities for those who are in … Continue reading

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