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Beyond Journalism

YouTube Video has become the premier launching pad for new movies, new ideas, and propaganda. From brash, raunchy, and sometimes touching amateur efforts, YouTube has become the arena for sophisticated efforts at communicating the news that networks seem unable to … Continue reading

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Beyond Books

I’m fascinated by the increasingly widespread transition from printed media to online, on-demand media and am trying to pick an entry point where I can get a little of this action for myself. I think there is another twist to … Continue reading

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There is always a price for striking out in a new direction

One of the first things you learn about doing something new is that there are some people who will disapprove of the way you are doing it. These are "yesterday’s experts" who are threatened by the changes that you represent.

My good friend Fred First, bemoans the fact that a literary magazine and a book fair have recently turned him down because his excellent book was not produced by a "reputable publisher".

It makes me want to whack him up the side of his head because he still doesn’t get the fact that his work is valuable because of what he has written, not because of his publisher.

He seems to think that a "reputable" publisher’s name on a book is an imprimatur that means something to prospective book buyers. It only matters to literary critics and they don’t buy books!

Publishing houses do not set standards. They are desperately trying to defend their existing markets from incursions by self-published upstarts.

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Another argument for self-publishing

Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine. wrote The Long Tail, a brilliant article which first appeared in Wired in October 2004 and will become a book, published by Hyperion, on July 11, 2006. The concept was elegantly captured by this … Continue reading

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