Are You Approaching SRT The Hard Way?

Spiritual Rescue Technology is simpler than you might imagine. It is a collection of observations of spiritual activity that can be verified by anyone who chooses to repeat those observations. How do you know when an observation is correct? It provides information that solves a problem. If an observation does not completely solve a particular problem, then there is more to be observed.

If you try to access spiritual knowledge by examining it through the filter of various belief systems, you will become very confused as most religions and other belief systems have built up models of spiritual behavior based on legends and past observations by others instead of focusing on what actually happens when you address spirits in a caring and respectful way.

First of all, spirits are rarely acting alone, on this planet at least. They are clustered in groups because of their involvement in past disasters where they were overwhelmed and became stuck together by their mutual experience. If you look at any spiritual presence, you will see more than one personality and you will also see multiple sets of experiences if you look closely. Each spirit in the cluster will have its own set of Akashic records so the imagery you get when communicating with spirits is a composite set of their histories.

If you approach a group of spirits thinking they are some legendary deity, you will end up disappointed as the group will be friendly and helpful at times and seemingly hostile and indifferent at other times. I recently ran into a person who was very disappointed that the Goddess Tara he was working with was caring at times and hostile at other times. I tried to have him look more closely at the group of spirits claiming to be Tara, but he was unwilling to do so.

I have encountered groups of spirits representing themselves to be saints, Jesus, various demonic figures, and Old Testament Gods. When we communicate with these beings in a caring way, we discover the incident that overwhelmed them and fused them into a cluster of damaged beings with a composite personality and very little self-determinism. Bringing them into present time and getting them to remember their immortality usually sets them free to pursue existence as individual free beings.

Spiritual research is quite simple if you can remember that your observations are more important for establishing truth than relying on observations by others. If your observations do not support my observations, you need to communicate your findings so we can see what has been missed. The spiritual universe is incredibly vast and we are continually updating our discoveries as we find situations we have never encountered before.

I think it is time to review some of the basics that make Spiritual Rescue Technology so useful, as this knowledge will ensure you are approaching SRT in a way that will produce reliable results even in situations we have not yet studied.

Look for my next article on reviewing SRT Basics.

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