It’s Time to Regroup and Move On

I started this blog in 2003, with the encouragement of Fred First, whose Fragments from Floyd blog finally inspired me to move to this part of Virginia.

After years of commenting endlessly on other blogs, I decided it was time to start some ripples of my own.

I had already considered that blogging might be the equivalent of writing in the sandy margin of the sea, but I feltl the lifespan of many books is not as long as the life of an active weblog. It's the readership that matters. If an idea takes root in someone elses mind and gets passed on, that's reward enough.

Since then, I have had more than 642482 visitors and have written a book based on my experinces in the corporate world, Danger Quicksand – Have a Nice Day, which is still being downloaded by people who are looking for more satisfying work.

In the last few years, my interests have expanded from writing about ideas for staying creative and making a living in the post-corporate world, to developing a personal and business counseling practice, to involvement in local and national issues that affect our friends and family.

During this same period, I have seen a transformation in the nature of the Internet and social networks. This single blog became a series of blogs and my writing has recently expanded into multiple facebook groups which offer interaction with specific groups of readers without boring the others.

When I first started witing, my focus was on dealing with adverse working conditions and barriers to career satisfaction. Once Danger Quicksand was published and I moved to SW Virginia, my focus went to small town life here in Floyd. The artisans and artists provided an entirely new set of opportunities and I set about meeting and promoting those who made life in Floyd so satisfying. I also wrote about the restaurants and local businesses which gave this county its unique character.

I was really enjoying what I was doing, but a long time reader wrote me and said that I was no longer writing the business advice that had attracted him to my site. He wished me well, but he needed what I was no longer doing and needed to move on.

Well, the evolution still continues, but in the thousands of articles I have written, there are many which seem to have lasting value because they still get frequent hits from search engines. I am planning to restructure this site so it is easier to locate the articles of lasting value and to see where I am writing on subjects of specific interest.

I  also hope to make this site easier to use and comment on. Your readership has been very encouraging and I want the site to be as useful as possible.

We are heading into rough financial times and I feel that sharing useful information is one way to even the odds.

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