We live in interesting times…

Barack Obama has won the Presidential election with a 1.7% margin of the popular vote. That makes for an evenly divided country with the cities being Democratic and the rural areas being Republican.

We may see gridlock on a continuing basis with a Republican House and a Democratic Senate and Executive Branch, but Obama now has the chance to stack the Supreme Court with Liberal judges, so his plans for making the US a Socialist country will continue at an accellerated rate.

The only problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money so we will probably encounter problems with the current uncontrolled printing of money as the government spends more than the country produces.

Will we see more bankrupt cities? I think so, but I could be wrong. The idea of more Detroits makes me shudder.

Either the Administration figures out how to get its act together so American small businesses can grow  and prosper or we will see a rapid growth in an underground economy where more and more transactiona are being done off the books in an effort to evade confiscatory taxes.

Living in flyover country will have more significance than ever before. I can envision that the quality of rural life and urban life will move in different directions as pressures increase to make the government provide an ever increasing range of free services.

If we can keep working together at the local levels and avoid the extreme polarization which has permeated the political scene for the past two years, we will probably be able to come to a rational solution that benefits our families and the children to come.

Looking at our common needs and desires can allow us to work through the issues of the next four years. Looking only at our philosophical differences will get us nothing but strife and stagnation.

It will definitely be a challenge and challenges are best handled with the most cheerful attitude we can muster. Let's make it happen!


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