Blogging at Cafe del Sol

It is a foggy Friday morning in Floyd, but the Cafe del Sol offers a cheery haven for bloggers and traveling business people. Cafedelsol

Gretchen, the light of my life, is on her cellphone handling business matters for a treecare company. The other woman is a local impressario who produces events for the Sun Theater adjacent to the Cafe del Sol. Tonight’s program at the Sun features a performance by a Welsh group, FFYNNON. We plan to attend.

I am sitting alone, feeling like a fugitive from a ramp festival, because I selected Garlic and Ginger Beef at "The Thai Restaurant" in Roanoke last night. The food was incredibly good, but the after-effects leave one socially unacceptable for several days.

We are down here to soak up local culture, do a little book marketing, and to advance our transition date for becoming Floyd residents. All is going well.

I am continually working on more ways to sell my book, Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day, in work-related venues. I am receiving help from unexpected sources. There are so many people with marketing expertise who are willing to help.

The weather has been interesting. We have experienced torrential downpours while navigating the curves of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the earlier fog is gone and it is now brightly overcast, with promise of sun.

I am going out to our newly-purchased acreage with chainsaw in hand to clear a space to stand and survey our yard-to-be. I need the exercise and it will help us decide on what, if any, landscaping we should look forward to.

I hope you are doing well this Friday. It should be a warm weekend.

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  1. Jeannette says:

    That looks great! What a fun place to be – I am jealous. It indeed looks crafty. Maybe someday you guys can drag a couple of my paintings down there and just throw them on the wall and see what happens …

    Somehow the atmosphere of Floyd seems to come through your writing and it feels wonderful. No wonder that you decided to become residents. Have fun with the garden-to-be.

  2. Blogin Idiot says:

    looks like a great place for a cup of coffee.

    Now I think that I need to get one.
    Take Care

  3. Sorry to hear the garlic and ginger beef turned you into a social pariah. Amy and I enjoyed yours and Gretchen’s company, as always, at The Thai Restaurant. Saw your car outside Cafe del Sol as I drove by Friday morning but I was late for a meeting at the studio and couldn’t stop.

  4. colleen says:

    Hi David, I thouroughly enjoyed meeting you and Gretchen at the cafe. I’ll be posting something related to it tomorrow…for today I’m tired…all that fun and music at the Winter Sun Stage. I hope to get a chance to read some of your book today. I’m thrilled that you and Gretchen are coming to Floyd.

  5. Sarah Walker says:

    This is my parents cafe, but I haven’t been back for a visit since it was first under construction. I’ve never seen a picture from this angle. What a fun page to find. If you see Sally or Frank please say hello.

    Seattle, WA.

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