Citizen Publishing – some excellent examples

If you check out the Carnival of the Capitalists this week, you will find 56 thought-provoking articles by some very talented bloggers. The Carnival is being hosted at the Slacker Manager and my friend Rosa Say is sitting in as the COTC editor.

Reading COTC entries will give you an idea of the potential wealth of information that bloggers generate week after week. This weeks collection presents unique viewpoints on the following areas:

Commerce, Economics and Finance
Communication and Networking
Current Affairs
Government and Politics
Leadership and Management
Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Sales
Metablogging and Citizen Publishing
Smart Strategies

The variety of viewpoints is refreshing and I find that I learn something new from every Carnival. I also discover new bloggers to admire in almost every Carnival.

These are all people who are doing their best to carry on a business of some sort and they still have time to help others. I see more of them working in concert as time goes by, which supports the theme of my earlier post, Citizen Publishing – increasing the rate of change?

Visit the Carnival of the Capitalists, it may give you an incentive to write something yourself.

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  1. andrew zubriczky says:

    Fantastic ideas final take shape and form, becomming our collective realities. Our freedoms are worth the time and effort we create to put them together, to put them out there for the world to read and view. I applaud your dedication to the truth as you see and experience it. Let’s share the truth; let’s stay connected. Power to the people!

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