I’ve been Lip-Sticked by Yvonne!

A few days ago I was privileged to be interviewed by Yvonne Divita for her weblog, Lip-Sticking – Smart Marketing to Women Online.

The interview bears the flattering title, Smart Man Online: David St. Lawrence

Yvonne, who adopts the soubriquete Jane for her blog, asked me some questions about my book and my life which I have not discussed on this blog. So, if you would like to take a look behind the curtain, read her entertaining interview. It was quite entertaining for me at any rate. 🙂

Yvonne invented the concept of Dickless Marketing. This is the concept of creating marketing for Jane, not for Dick and Jane or for Dick. Since women make the majority of purchases, this seems to be an eminently sensible approach to marketing.

She has won awards for her sites and is  a recognized authority on marketing to women. She is also someone you want to consult if you intend to self-publish using Print On Demand.

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