Blogging has not reached the hinterlands…

I am having an email exchange with a marketing consultant I really care for, and she writes:

My target audience is really Directors and VPs of mktg at large technology companies. I’m not sure these folks are going to find me because I have a blog.

My response was: Only if they use the internet to find you…  🙂

I feel like I am trying to explain the use of fire.

See my earlier posts:
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I am more convinced every day that I need to gather up the blogging  examples I have collected and package them into a small book with large print, simple diagrams, tables and quotes. It probably should be titled, Blogs are your Future.

I wouldn’t sell it, because the people that need it already have a solution (media buys and websites). I would print it and give it away, if necessary, to save myself from sending the same emails, over and over.

Why is the blogosphere so hard to explain?
What is your solution, when friends are pursuing 20th century solutions?

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