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Cover_1In addition to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy blog,  which I wrote about a few days ago, Touchstone Pictures has created an Official Movie Website.

This movie website is a beauty. You are introduced to the characters, given a VR tour of several sets, and get a funny tour of the Guide itself. I dropped in for a quick fly-by and spent a half hour poking in various corners.

Here are more links with pictures and background stories about this movie:

Official Movie News,   
Authentic Prop Replicas
Vogon pages
Heart of Gold pages
Guide pages.

There are many more. What I enjoyed most was the genuine affection Douglas Adams shows for his villians. They are artfull crafted and have their counterparts in our daily lives.

The movie adds a new dimension to Adams wonderful characters. No matter how bizarre they are, their motivation is clear and you get a new appreciation for Douglas Adams writing. I expect to enjoy this movie. Let us hope that all the good bits are not confined to the trailers.

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