I meet the nicest people online

Amit Gupta arranged for Danger Quicksand to become a ChangeThis manifesto and it has been downloaded 3,055 times in the last six days. I called him today to thank him for this additional exposure and to find out who my unexpected benefactor is and what else he has been doing.

Amit went to Amherst College, in Amherst, Mass. He spent a few years at Amherst before departing to set up a college marketing/advertising company, The Daily Jolt -a college network run by students. 

That was five years ago and the company is still going strong and is still profitable. You can see the value proposition on this advertising page.

Amit eventually returned to Amherst and got degrees in Computer Science and in Economics after serving a few months on a project with the World Health Organization in New Delhi.

He joined Seth Godin as an intern on the ChangeThis project last summer. ChangeThis publishes manifestos that deserve a wider audience and they have a list of free downloads that bear investigation.

Now that ChangeThis is launched, Amit is off on a new project that
has interesting implications for closed online communities. He was not
in a position to say much about it, but I got the impression of a
TypePad approach to making it easier to start and maintain online

I can certainly see the need for progress in this area.  I have not
been overly impressed with forums or with the Wikis I have seen. The
concepts are great, but current implementations could be greatly
improved. This may be the next big area for corporations to explore.

Email traffic in large corporations must be running into bandwidth
problems by now as the traffic is relative to the number of connections
between employees, not just headcount. Internally managed online
communities can cut email traffic dramatically.

So, keep your eye on Amit. He is definitely up to something and I wish him well.

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