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I went to an endodontist in Charlottesville yesterday to get a tooth worked on. Instead of getting a root canal, I spent much of the time lying in the dental chair explaining blogging to the dentist and his assistant.

Get the picture of me looking up at two masked faces with my arms waving excitedly as I explain the power of blogs to spread ideas and initiate relationships.

Their heads are bobbing and their voices rise as they interrupt each other to ask questions and to share comments about bloggers mentioned on TV. We had a good old time.

It was a pleasure to see people so clued in to the idea of citizen publishing. Few dentists blog at the moment, especially those specializing in endodontics, because their key relationships are developed with other professionals, who refer customers to them, not with the public.

However, professional relationships improve with exposure and we already know that a blog is one of the best ways to present yourself as a knowledgable and all-around good person, or bad person, whatever. The bottom line is that blogging communicates what kind of person you are better than almost any other form of media available today.

I hope that Dr Robert E Grover does begin blogging, because he is a cutting edge practitioner (no pun intended) who is both knowledgable and enthusiastic about his profession. He and his staff create a great user experience.

I have a great affinity for professionals who are willing to explain
the underlying issues of a situation. It makes it a lot easier to
decide what to do as a patient. Dr Grover and his staff epitomize the
best of modern professional practice. They are competent and

One last observation. Did you know that x-ray negatives are so
yesterday? Dr Grover’s staff takes x-rays with the use of a "sensor".
They put a small gadget in your mouth and shoot away with the xray
cannon, but 4in x 6in images are displayed instantly on a screen
nearby. Even a novice like myself can see clearly what is going on with
these enormously magnified images.

It looks like the dental field is continuing to change at an
accellerated rate. They will be blogging in no time. I’m sure of it.

If the good doctor wants to begin blogging, he will find a warm welcome in the blogosphere.

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