I failed to follow my own advice

I am down to one computer today. Time to do something drastic. Evidently, my non-stop editing and keyboarding has cought up with my aging machines.

I have known about these problems, but I let them ride in the hopes that I could get the book finished before having to install new systems and reinstall all of my software. Wrong!

The laptop now has a runaway cursor. If you have ever had this, it is particularly annoying.  The cursor drifts away from where you left it and the rate of drift incereases as time goes on.

The desktop system runs fine, but it spontaneously reboots every half hour or so, making it useless for any important work.

It’s time to take credit card in hand and visit Staples or Office Depot. I need working systems to finish editing the book and to complete a final cover design.

Snow is falling. Big soggy flakes that stick to everything they hit. I have to drive 20 miles through this goop to get some oral surgery done in Charlottesville. I will let Gretchen drive on the return trip. Fortunately, we have the Subaru which has all-wheel-drive.

I have a few hours in which to contemplate alternative solutions. I had better come up with something fast. We will be up to 1500 downloads soon for Danger Quicksand and I have not selected a printer yet.

But, there is a bright spot in all of this. I have many file folders full of quotes and piles of sample books so I can spend time later today getting it all together. From the samples I have seen, I have every chance of getting exactly what I want at the right price.

The snow is getting deeper. We had better be on our way.

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