Becoming a writer/publisher – pt 4

Life is good! I am very busy and it feels like Christmas.

Sample books are arriving in large padded bags. Email traffic is rising, I have a major woodworking project to get out the door, and I am furiously editing the book to catch all of the formatting details I have left for last. Somewhere in there I took an hour and cleaned up my site design. I hope you noticed the more spacious layout. It should be easier to read.

The new CafePress mugs are really striking. I have some waiting for those who are writing succcess stories about how Danger Quicksand – Have A Nice Day has changed their outlook for the better and given them a new lease on life. On the other hand, perhaps most of you downloaders have not had time to finish the book yet. So, get busy and read!

I am still waiting for exciting things to happen out there. When you write those stories, I will award cups to the five most inspiring or poignant tales. They don’t have to be published, because I fully understand that many of you are not at liberty to discuss your plans openly.

I have updated the free download version again, as we are coming
down to the wire on the final editing and tweaking of the book layout.
I even added a Disclaimer in the front of the book, in case someone
discovers they don’t like the changes that result when they read this

Reading this book may cause changes in your attitude, even if you do
nothing with your new awareness. In a way, it’s like opening Pandora’s
box. Once you know what is going on around you, it is almost impossible
to ignore it.

From the informal reports that are trickling in, people are finding
the book interesting enough to copy. I have even had feedback on a new
version of the book.

I am proposing to print a hip-pocket version of the book with a
plain black cover and discreet red lettering on the cover. It will be
sort of a stealth version of the book that can be read at work without
screaming that you are one of them, the people who might be planning to
leave or worse, get uppity!

I had a thought the other day, which I would like to run by you.
What do you think would happen if your manager read a copy of danger
Quicksand- Have A Nice day?

It occurred to me that most managers I knew, even the worst of them, might feel that this book was describing their
plight.  The best managers I knew were courageous and stood up for
their people. We were willing to follow them anywhere. Unfortunately
most were forced out because of their unwillingness to play the company

The worst managers I knew were basically decent people who became
minions in order to retain their jobs. They were probably unhappier
than we were. If they had a copy to read, it is hard to tell what might
have happened. (Probably hysterical laughter followed by a nervous

Over to you. What do you think would happen if your worst manager could read this book?

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