See Lilia Momotova’s new collection of pastels at the JAX on Friday

Momotova-10-48An entirely new collection of Russian artist Lilia Momotova's art will be on display at the Jacksonville Center this Friday.

Her impressionistic pastels create complex interminglings of wistful sadness and yearnings for a happier existence. One ponders the play of bright colors against a severe background and leaves with a sense of having had an uplifting experience

Her fanciful views of the 1200 year old city of Pskov, Russia, mix bleak city backgrounds with intimate impressions of the artist's simple lifestyle.

Discovered 8 years ago by Rima Forrest-Sulzen, Lilia still lives in a third floor walkup with her adult son and teaches at a local Art Momotova-10-32Center. With the Russion economy well south of what it could be, she like many other talented Russian artists cannot make a living selling her art in Russia.
Rima was determined to bring Lilia's art to the United States and to find an audience for Lilia's art so that she could benefit from exposure to a wider audience. She arranged a showing at WVTF in 2009 and found that people responded to the impressionistic pastels with their bright colors and evocative moods. Some of the originals were snapped up as soon as the WVTF exhibit opened.

Momotova-10-28 I have been framing Lilia's art for over a year and fully support Rima's campaign to make this artist better known. At Rima's request, all proceeds over and above expenses from the sale of originals, prints and note cards goes directly to the artist.

On Friday, October 1st, Lilia's latest works will be on exhibit in the Breezeway Gallery of the Jacksonville Center. We’ll be enjoying good food, good libations and good friends from 5 to 8 pm.

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