Talent on the internet

One of the absolutely mind-blowing benefits of being a blogger, is the vast amount of talent that is available to you with a little bit of link-hopping.

You visit a friend’s blog and you notice a link to someone else’s blog and the next thing you know, you find yourself on a site you would never have located on your own.

Let me give an example of an enormous talent I discovered recently. Doug Thompson is a world-class photographer and writer, and god knows what else. He has several websites and a blog, Blue Ridge Muse, deserving of repeat visits.


I met him in person for a few minutes and that was enough to make me decide that I am going to find an opportunity to learn photography from him.

I learned more in five minutes of looking at his work and the pictures piled on his desk, than I have in years of reading books on the subject.

I met Doug through Fred First, who does an outstanding job of blogging about his quiet corner of Floyd, VA.


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