It’s time for a cup of coffee…

Bigmug17790325_f_tnConfroom_challenger17790866_b_tn_1I have been getting great feedback from you on Danger Quicksand – Have a Nice Day. Now, it’s my turn to offer you something in return.

I am looking for testimonials from readers who have been able to use this book to solve a problem, avoid a disaster, or make a change in their operating basis to give themselves a better shot at a real life. I would like to receive these stories by February 25th.

I will give a free Danger Quicksand mug to the five testimonials which are the most moving. You will also receive a free copy of the Danger Quicksand paperback when it is released next month. I will use your submissions in the book and will mention them on this blog. Your privacy will be respected and your anonymity will be preserved.

If I include other testimonials in the book, the people submitting them will also receive a free copy of the paperback when it is released.

If you want one of these cups, but don’t have a testimonial to write yet, you can go to my Bent Crow Press Shop in CafePress and order as many as you wish. There are two different sizes, with more to come shortly.

If you have your picture taken with your cup, I will post it in a special "survivors gallery". I would also like to hear from readers who have downloaded the PDA version.

Mug3prototypeHave a great Friday, wherever you are.

I’ve got my mug. It’s time to get yours.

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