The Diplomad has left the Far Beyond

My favorite weblog, the Diplomad, has closed its doors. We will no longer read the inside stories of doings in the Far Beyond which have created a
stir around the world.

This blog became a legend in only a few months
and was probably read more and trusted more than any other source of
Foreign Service news.

The Diplomad spoke plainly about concerns within the Foreign Service,
attitudes held by Eurodips, the actual mission orientation of the
Vulture Elite of the UN. We also got an intimate inside view of the daily life
of Foreign Service personnel  in places far from home where one’s life depends
daily on the security provided by young Marine Guards.

The only explanation goes like this:

… for a variety of personal and professional reasons it’s time to
stop (we might blog again under a different name; might not.) Lest any
of you think so, we have not been threatened or shut down; the State
Department goons are not knocking at the door. It’s just time to do
something else.

The Diplomad refers us to other bloggers who are picking up the torch in other Far Beyonds, and departs…

My hope is that the the Diplomad, Diplospouse and the Diplokids have
been promoted to another posting. If so, we shall undoubtedly hear from
the Diplomad again when things have settled down.

Meanwhile the Diplomad site is being kept up for a while at least. I strongly
suggest that you take time to view the earlier posts on this legendary

There is material there that you will find nowhere else.

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